Hefeng Liangpin is super powerful this time! Express arrived in four days, all of which are snacks, blowing up the crab stick on the left. The whole family loves it very much. My husband asked me to buy another 30 sticks 😂😂😂 The other snacks have not been eaten yet. After I eat them, I will comment on the related products separately. 💕# 吃吃吃 #
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和风良品这次超给力啊! 四天就快递到了,都是零食类,吹爆左边蟹肉棒。全家都很爱,我老公让我再去买个30根😂😂😂其他零食还没开吃,等之后吃了再分别到相关产品下面去评价吧💕# 吃吃吃 #