𝒫𝑒𝑜𝓃𝓎🌸 The pink beauty of early summer ✨✨✨


Paeonia suffruticosa  Andrews

▪️Today to share a wave of trader joe the day before I bought a super beautiful Peony that is peony!These two days have been opened one after another, I have to say it is really beautiful! !! Staring alone for a long time these two days😜

▪️In fact, peony and peony belong to the same family It's basically the same plant~Just saying that peony is equivalent to Western peony The color of peony is lighter than that of peony Not so gorgeous and elegant It is relatively small and fresh Very girly!!! Peony is a kind of lady's temperament haha~Do rubbing flowers in summer and put special beauty at home< span class="s3"> Pink and tender and full of vitality!

▪️Peony Peony is known as Kao and Flowers! Peony and Peony are traditional famous flowers with a long history of cultivation in China< /span> Has the reputation of "two wonders in flowers"! Beautiful peony flowers Rich variety Frequently grown in gardens spectacular in bloom!

▪️About Peony Tang Dynasty Liu Yuxi has a poem saying:"The peony in front of the court is unqualified, Chishang Fu Jing Shaoqing. Only Peony is a true national color, and it moves the capital when it blooms."Peony is Tang Dynasty Ming Dynasty National Flower of Qing Dynasty! Beautiful flowers Jade smiles Merry and chic Palatial and elegant Known as the "King of Flowers"! Peony flowers are large and fragrant Therefore, it is also known as "national beauty and heavenly fragrance".

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Paeonia suffruticosa  Andrews

▪️今天来分享一波前天在trader joe买到的超好看的Peony 也就是芍药啦!这两天陆陆续续全开了不得不说真是太美了!!! 这两天都要独自盯着看好久😜

▪️其实芍药和牡丹都是属于一个科的 基本算是同一种植物~只是说芍药相当于是西方牡丹的感觉 芍药的颜色比牡丹更浅一些 没有那么艳丽和雍容华贵的感觉 相对来说更加的小清新 很有少女感!!! 牡丹就是一种贵妇的气质哈哈~夏天做擦花放家里特别的美 粉粉嫩嫩的充满了活力!

▪️牡丹 芍药被称为花王与花相! 牡丹与芍药是中国栽培历史悠久的传统名花 素有“花中二绝”的美誉! 芍药花大艳丽 品种丰富 在园林中常成片种 花开时十分壮观!

▪️关于牡丹 唐代刘禹锡有诗曰:“庭前芍药妖无格, 池上芙蕖净少情. 唯有牡丹真国色,花开时节动京城.”牡丹乃唐 清三朝国花! 花色泽艳丽 玉笑珠香 风流潇洒 富丽堂皇,素有“花中之王”的美誉! 牡丹花大而香 故又有“国色天香”之称.

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