# 全球好货装进家 This IPSA silk soft cotton pad is my favorite cotton pad, bar none. 🔷It is actually very similar to Shiseido cotton pads. They are thick cotton pads with no edge, and there is a cotton batt in the middle. It is a bit thicker than the Shiseido model, as shown in Figure 4, and it is larger by two circles, as shown in Figure 3 . So it is especially suitable for removing makeup, a large sheet can easily remove the whole face, and the price is cheap, 🔷It is said that this cotton pad works very well with IPSA's self-discipline circulating lotion. I haven't tried it, but it did remind me to try it with a bottle of lotion at hand one day. 🔷In fact, this cotton pad can also be used for wet compress, as long as it is soaked and then torn, it can be easily separated, not hard and dry. 🔷No flakes at all! Yami can buy it now! Fat intestines are convenient! I recommend everyone to try it out. than ❤️
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Yamiセレクション # 全球好货装进家 ## 萌新报道 # # 百万积分第6季 # 这款IPSA茵芙莎丝柔化妆棉是我的最爱化妆棉,没有之一。 🔷它其实和资生堂化妆棉很像,都是无压边的偏厚化妆棉,中间是棉絮夹层,它较资生堂款更厚一丢丢,见图四,而且它更大两圈,见图三。所以特别适合用来卸妆,一大张轻松卸全脸,并且价格便宜, 🔷据说这款化妆棉配合IPSA的自律循环乳液特别好,我没试过,不过确实提醒了我,哪天拿瓶手头的乳液试试。 🔷这种棉絮无边化妆棉其实也可以用来湿敷的,只要浸湿之后再撕就能轻松分开,不能硬干撕。 🔷完全不掉絮! 现在亚米就能买!肥肠方便! 推荐大家有机会试试。 比❤️