Unlimited repurchase of ultra-water-saving Unicharm cotton pads, 💧The cotton pad with the highest repurchase rate, 💧Great water saving! Not easy to tear! 💧No matter how much you drip, you can feel the water in the cotton pad, 💧 Really achieves the existence value of every drop of water. 💧 If you use this Ru cotton with toner, 💧About one-third of the usual amount is enough 💧The special thing is that its material does not eat lotion very much 💧 Apply on the face, just press the water a little and it will come out 💧In addition to the daily skin care water, (what softening water/astringent water, etc.) 💧It is also suitable for wet compress, a thin layer, and the fit is very high 💧It is definitely an unlimited repurchase item with one time and two! # 全球好货装进家 ## 花式比童心 #
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Yamiセレクション 无限回购的超省水的尤妮佳化妆棉, 💧回购率最高的化妆棉, 💧巨省水!也不易撕破! 💧不论滴多少你都能感受的到化妆棉中的水, 💧真的做到了每一滴水的存在价值。 💧用这个化汝棉搭配柔肤水的话, 💧大概只要平常用的三分之一的量就够了 💧特别的是它的材质不怎么吃化妆水 💧涂在脸上只要稍加按压水就全出来了 💧除了日常涂的肌肤护理水,(什么柔肤水/收敛水等等) 💧也适合湿敷,薄薄的一层,贴合度非常高 💧绝对是用一回二的无限回购单品! # 全球好货装进家 ## 花式比童心 #