# 月是故乡明 Yesterday was Qixi Festival and I received the mooncakes that were ordered a month in advance. In addition to the two-pack of this early Yuan Liuxin custard flavor, there was also a pack of 8. Soybean just took a nap and got up, so I couldn’t wait to cut a piece and share it with him. At the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, this milky custard tasted delicious! Not sweet or greasy, the egg yolk tastes rich, and it flows out instantly when you cut it, 😋! There are only two in a box, and one is going to be shared with Da Li before the Mid-Autumn Festival! Another box of 8 sticks is going to be shared with family and friends on the Mid-Autumn Festival. The taste of milky custard is really one of my favorites🙈🙈! When I was a child, I didn't like to eat zongzi and moon cakes, but when I grew up, I wanted to eat them every year. Now I have children who will try traditional food for him during festivals, hoping to make him remember each traditional festival through food.
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Yamiセレクション # 月是故乡明 ## 被二哥种草了 # # 为爱花钱 # 昨天是七夕收到了提前一个月预定的月饼,除了这款元初流心奶黄口味两个装,还有一款8个装,大豆恰好睡了午觉起床,就迫不及待地切一块和他分享。 元初的这款流心奶黄口味很好吃!不甜不腻,蛋黄口味浓郁,切开瞬间流出,😋!一盒只有两个,还有一个打算在中秋前和大李分享!另外一盒8支装打算中秋那天再和家人朋友一起分享,流心奶黄口味真的是最爱没有之一🙈🙈! 小时候粽子和月饼都不爱吃,反倒是长大了每年都想吃,现在有了小朋友每逢佳节也会给他尝试传统食物,希望通过食物让他记得每个传统节日。