🍅Tomato-flavored snail powder 🍅 🍅 I don’t know if you have ever eaten tomato-flavored snail noodles. At first, I was a little skeptical about whether this taste would be delicious? Isn't snail noodles supposed to be spicy? When Yami first came out, I bought it and tried it out, and it was surprisingly delicious! It has since become a staple in our home! 🍅Very strong tomato flavor, but not too obtrusive, here is a better way to teach you, that is to add some numbing pepper oil into it, you will be amazed❗️ 🍅 I bought many kinds of Sichuan pepper oil and rattan pepper oil. In our northeast, this is called sesame oil, and it is numb! At present, I can't find this bottle in the picture, but there is another kind of red pepper, which is more delicious! I put a tag and everyone can go in and take a look! In addition to eating snail noodles, there are many uses, such as mixing cold dishes and so on. 🍅 You must try the tomato-flavored snail powder with pepper oil! Immediately feel different! # 亚米食谱 # # 五行缺辣 ## 下厨秘密武器 # # 万能调料 #
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Yamiセレクション 🍅番茄味螺蛳粉🍅 🍅不知道大家有没有吃过番茄味螺蛳粉,最开始我也有些怀疑这个口味会好吃吗?螺蛳粉不是就应该辣辣的吗?当亚米刚出的时候我就买回来试了,意外的非常好吃!从此就变成我们家常备了! 🍅非常浓郁的番茄味,但又不会很突兀,这里教大家一个更好吃的方法,就是加一些麻麻的花椒油进去,一定会惊艳到你的❗️ 🍅我买了很多种花椒油藤椒油,在我们东北这个叫麻油,麻麻的!目前我图片这瓶已经搜不到了,但是还有另一种红花椒的,那个更好吃哦!我放了tag大家可以进去看一下!除了放螺蛳粉里面吃,还有很多用途,可以拌凉菜等。 🍅大家一定要试一下番茄味螺蛳粉加花椒油!立刻感觉不一样了! # 亚米食谱 # # 五行缺辣 ## 下厨秘密武器 # # 万能调料 #