☀️I haven’t made rice balls for a long time. Today wfh, I am suddenly a little hungry in the afternoon, and I don’t have any ingredients in the refrigerator. I am too lazy to go out to buy food, so I will make a quick one 🍙 for afternoon tea and dinner~ (Although I seriously doubt that I still I will be hungry 😂) Rice balls are really a good choice when there is no food in the refrigerator. Basically, you don’t need fresh food. You can make them with the things in the pantry. It’s fast and delicious😋 ☀️I haven't been a hand student for a long time, the package is not very good-looking, everyone forgive me😘 The method is as follows: 1. Wash the rice and cook the rice. After the rice is done, add a small amount of salt and sesame oil to taste. I also put a little black sesame seeds to increase the taste and color. 2. Open the luncheon meat, cut it into 1cm pieces, put oil in the pan, fry it on low heat, put it on the kitchen paper to absorb the oil 3. The remaining fried egg in the pot (can be omitted or made into a thick omelet, but I am lazy) Half-cooked or fully-cooked depends on your preference 4. Lay plastic wrap on the cutting board or countertop, take a piece of seaweed, the smooth side is facing down, add a little rice and spread it on the rough surface, then put the meat floss (can be omitted), eggs, spam, and then put a little rice to level it , stack the seaweed pieces from the four corners, wrap them tightly with plastic wrap, compact them, and cut them from the middle with a knife to eat 😋 ☀️Actually, the normal Hawaiian spam musubi doesn’t look like this. It’s the kind of square with seaweed pieces wrapped in the middle, but I’m lazy. It’s so convenient to pack. lunch or tape is also suitable 🍱 yo ~ # 百万积分第7季 # # 拜托了冰箱 # # 三食三餐 # # 亚米食谱 #
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Yamiセレクション ☀️好久没做饭团啦,今天wfh,下午突然有点儿饿,冰箱里也没啥食材了,懒得出去买菜,就做个快手的🍙当下午茶兼晚饭吧~(虽然我严重怀疑我晚上还会饿😂)饭团真的是冰箱里没啥菜的时候的好选择呀, 基本不需要生鲜,靠pantry里的东西就能做,快手又好吃😋 ☀️好久没做了手生,包得不太好看大家见谅哟😘 做法如下: 1. 洗米煮饭,饭好了以后加入少量盐,香油调味,我还放了点儿黑芝麻增加口感和颜色 2. 午餐肉打开,切成1cm的片,锅里放油,小火煎香,放在厨房纸上吸油 3. 锅里剩余的油煎个鸡蛋(可省略,也可以做成厚蛋饼,但是我懒😂)半熟还是全熟看自己喜好 4. 菜板或者台面上铺保鲜膜,拿一张海苔片,光滑面朝下,加一点饭在粗糙面铺平,再放上肉松(可省略)鸡蛋,spam,再放上一点饭铺平,从四角把海苔片叠上来,再用保鲜膜包紧,压实,再用刀从中间切开就可以吃啦😋 ☀️其实正常夏威夷spam musubi不长这样,是那种海苔片包在中间的方方正正的,但是我懒,这么包方便呀,工作日就是要怎么方便怎么来嘛😄这个头天晚上做好当早餐或者带便当🍱也很合适哟~# 百万积分第7季 # # 拜托了冰箱 # # 三食三餐 # # 亚米食谱 #