#亚米食谱 ##下厨秘密武器 # #0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation1ca6e1c957cb46b38eddd Sands prawn practice Quick dishes, less oil, come and try! 1. Cut off the eyes and whiskers of the shrimp, control the water, put in a bottle of cooking wine and half a spoon of mayonnaise, and stir well with the shrimp 2. Add the starch and continue stirring until the starch becomes a paste and sticks to the shrimp 3. Put a small amount of oil in a pot, medium heat, fry the shrimp until golden brown on both sides and put it on a plate 4. Put two tablespoons of mayonnaise in the bottom oil in the pot, stir fry until dispersed, pour in the shrimp, dip both sides with mayonnaise and serve. Note: The mayonnaise is salty enough, no need to add salt in the whole process!
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Yamiセレクション # 亚米食谱 ## 下厨秘密武器 # # 三食三餐 # 金沙大虾做法 快手菜,少油,来试试吧! 1. 把虾的眼睛和虾须剪掉,控掉水,放入一瓶盖的料酒和半勺蛋黄酱,和虾子搅拌均匀 2. 放入淀粉,继续搅拌至淀粉成糊状粘在虾子上 3. 锅中放少量油,中火,将虾煎至两面金黄后放入盘中 4.锅中底油放入两勺蛋黄酱,并炒散,倒入虾,两面均沾上蛋黄酱即可出锅。 注:蛋黄酱足够咸,全程不用放盐啦!