Apple Card What the heck? Two days ago, I applied for an apple card on a whim, and it was very convenient to apply for it quickly. Required materials: ssn, annual income Apply in the wallet in the mobile phone, add it directly to the wallet after the application, and it can be used directly. It takes a few days for the physical card to be sent. Discounts: 3% cash back on purchases at Apple Store, 2% on Apple Pay, and 1% on everything else. (No advantage over other credit cards). There is no annual fee. Application is still very simple and convenient. # 开学第一单 # # Apple Card #
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Apple Card 到底怎么样? 前两天心心血来潮去申请了apple card,很方便很快就申请到了。 需要材料:ssn,年收入 在手机里的wallet里申请,申请完就直接加进wallet里去了,就直接可以用,实体卡需要等几天寄过来。 优惠:apple store买东西有3% cash back,apple pay有2%,其他有1%。(比起其他信用卡并没有什么优势)。没有年费。 申请还是很简单方便的。 # 开学第一单 # # Apple Card #