Super delicious! ! - Eat crab roe bibimbap today! 🤤 The premium version of crab roe bibimbap has not been eaten yet~ 🤣 Then let's try the low-profile version first. It's delicious and screaming! Time-saving and labor-saving recipes suitable for lazy cancer patients in the kitchen! If you don’t even want to cook rice🍚, you can buy ready-made ones😬 It can be done in the microwave in one minute and it is no different from freshly cooked! 🌟 Materials 🌟 10 crab sticks 4 salted egg yolks a bowl of rice Two scoops of soy sauce A spoonful of oyster sauce A spoonful of sugar Sesame oil appropriate amount A small bowl of water 🌟 Practice 🌟 Step1. Mix the parts of the sauce, chop the crab sticks, and crush the salted egg yolk. Heat oil in a wok, pour in salted egg yolk and fry until bubbling, then add in crab sticks and stir fry. Finally, put in the sauce and let it dry out. *Do not pour the sauce all at once to taste the saltiness * Step2. The rice 🍚 is ready, put on the fried crab roe, sprinkle with some chopped green onion and mix, then eat! ! # 被二哥种草了 # # 开学第一单 # # 今天也是yami的一天 # # 亚米厨房 # # 三食三餐 #
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Yamiセレクション 超美味!!—— 今天吃蟹黄拌饭!🤤 高级版的蟹黄拌饭还没有吃过~ 🤣 那就先来试试低配版的吧好吃到尖叫! 省时又省力的食谱适合懒癌患者厨房小白! 如果连米饭🍚都不想煮可以买现成的😬 微波炉一分钟就可以搞定和现煮的没差别! 🌟 材料 🌟 蟹肉棒 10根 咸蛋黄 4颗 米饭 一碗 生抽 两勺 蚝油 一勺 白糖 一勺 香油 适量 清水 一小碗 🌟 做法 🌟 Step1. 将酱汁的部分混合,蟹肉棒切碎,咸蛋黄压碎。起锅热油倒入咸蛋黄炒至冒泡再倒入蟹肉棒翻炒,最后放酱汁收干即可出锅。 * 酱汁不要一次性全部倒入尝一尝咸淡 * Step2. 米饭🍚装好,放上炒好的蟹黄再撒上一些葱花拌一拌,然后开吃!! # 被二哥种草了 # # 开学第一单 # # 今天也是yami的一天 # # 亚米厨房 # # 三食三餐 #