Quick Empty Bottle Challenge update🍧 (end of October) I have been using formal clothes for the past half month, so there are not many empty skin care bottles (there should be more by the end of the month xd) The empty bottle challenge is actually to use up 30 full-size clothes after 8.23, and the small samples will be calculated according to the proportion 🤣 Picture 3 is a list of things I want to use up. In the beginning, there were two full boxes (one box is a piece 🤔😀), and now picture 2 has bottomed out! Great sense of achievement 🦆 The previous progress was 9/30, and the cleaning is 10/30 The following is the half-monthly update (may be incomplete): 🍡Two Shiseido 5 ml eye creams are well absorbed, among them, I prefer wrinkle, which feels more moisturizing and is good for dry lines, adding up to 1/3 will repurchase 🍬A Tresemme shampoo, the same as Ode to Joy 🤣 I felt really good after I started using it, and then I came across the Kracie black and white suit, which became my new favorite, so the set was empty first, and I have repurchased it🤦🏻‍♀️ I recommend hhh to you alone, it counts as 1 Brown Lu shampoo, it's not bad, I like it very much 🍭Shiseido 0 Second Hair Mask, easy to use! It is as easy to use as the classic model, and I will repurchase both like crazy. 🥤Curel facial cleanser, maybe good for sensitive skin? For me there is not much other effect, do not repurchase, count as 1 🍷Indie lee toner spray, in the set, the nozzle is very fierce🌝, you will fall in love with that feeling inexplicably when you get used to it. . . (Wrong, you can repurchase other sprays after use up, moisturizing is very good. The formal size is 125, this 30 is 1/4 Summary: Skin care 1.5, wash care 2, the current progress is 10.5/30, including wash care is 12/30 🌝🌝 It feels very far away # 消灭0评晒 # # 双十一必囤 #
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Yamiセレクション 快速的空瓶挑战update🍧(截止10月底) 这半个月我基本都在用正装所以护肤空瓶不多(到月底应该会有更多的xd) 空瓶挑战其实就是8.23之后用完30个正装,中样小样按比例算🤣 图三是我列出来的想要用完的东西,一开始有满满两大盒(一盒是片片🤔😀),现在图二已经可以见底了!好有成就感🦆 之前进度为9/30,算洗护为10/30 以下为这半个月更新(可能不全): 🍡两个资生堂5 ml眼霜,都很好吸收,其中更喜欢wrinkle这款感觉更加滋润有利于干纹,加起来算1/3 会回购 🍬一个Tresemme洗发水,欢乐颂同款🤣开始用了之后觉得真的很棒,然后我就遇到了Kracie黑白套装,变成了新宠,于是那套先空了,已回购🤦🏻‍♀️之后单独给你们推荐hhh 算1 棕吕洗发水,也不错,挺喜欢 🍭资生堂0秒发膜,好用!跟经典款一样好用,疯狂回购二者,算1 🥤Curel洗面奶,可能敏感肌好物?对我来说没有太多别的作用,不回购,算1 🍷Indie lee toner喷雾,套装里面的,喷头很猛🌝,习惯了会莫名爱上那种感觉。。。(误 别的喷雾用完可以回购,保湿挺好。正装125,这个30,算1/4 总结:护肤1.5,洗护2,目前进度10.5/30,算上洗护就是12/30 🌝🌝感觉很遥远 # 消灭0评晒 # # 消灭0晒单 ## 双十一必囤 #