The second article: Recommended sauces, Matsutake mushroom sauce This fried chicken with sauce is delicious~ It is very chewy. I feel that it is super delicious whether it is bibimbap, noodles or steamed buns! ! ! The oil left at the bottom of the bottle can also be used to mix cold dishes! ! It's really delicious and won't be wasted at all, make the best use of it, hahahaha~
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第二篇:酱料推荐,松茸菌菇酱 这个酱炒鸡炒鸡好吃啊~很有嚼劲,我感觉不管是拌饭拌面还是夹馒头都超级好吃!!! 最后瓶底剩下的油还可以用来拌凉菜!!真的又美味还一点都不会浪费,物尽其用,哈哈哈哈~