After buying a box of big spicy chips, spicy bean tendons. Before I finished eating, I immediately put in another box of garlic green beans and Dahankou hot dry noodles. For the third time, I went in all kinds of melon seeds and miss hot and dry noodles. The interval between the three orders is only two or three days. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures before opening the box. Everyone liked it very much. Before I could compare the taste of several melon seeds, I was amazed by this Missing Hot Dry Noodles. This Missing Hot Dry Noodles is unbelievably delicious. Each box has a portion for two people, as well as individual sesame paste, sour beans, and fragrant chili oil packets. Objectively speaking, the taste is much better than Dahankou hot dry noodles. My teammates complimented me as soon as I took a bite, and asked me to buy another box of this missing hot dry noodles, but unfortunately it was out of stock. . . Hope to restock soon
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买完一箱大辣片,辣豆筋。还没吃完立马又进了一箱蒜香青豆和大汉口热干面。第三次又进了各种瓜子和想念热干面。三次下单间隔都只有两三天,可惜前面都忘记开箱拍照。 每个都很喜欢,还没来得及比较几种瓜子的味道,就被这个想念热干面惊艳到了。 这个想念热干面超乎想象的好吃,每盒有两个人的分量,还有单独的芝麻酱,酸豆角,和香辣椒油包。客观的说,味道比大汉口热干面好吃很多。队友刚吃了一口就连连称赞,让我再专门买一箱这个想念热干面,可惜居然断货了。。。希望抓紧时间补货哦