Another day for Amy

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       The epidemic is far from over, and the long-awaited Anmuxi and flower cakes are back in stock, hurry up and buy them home! ~! ~

      The flower cake is really delicious. You can smell the faint rose fragrance inside the cake when you open it without heating. If you heat it for 10 seconds, it will be as delicious as fresh from the oven. The cold noodles and fish bones are both purchased for the second time recently. The fish bones are crispy. If you eat too much, you will feel a little oily, but if you eat a little bit every day, you will feel very fragrant. My hometown is in Harbin. When I return to China in June every year, I have to eat a few meals of Korean cold noodles. The taste is very similar to the taste in small domestic stores. The soup is sweet, and adding some spicy cabbage can neutralize it. There are explosive beads in An Muxi, and it is delicious and interesting to drink in the mouth. The remaining potato chips and tangerine peel fudge are essential snacks for watching movies. The epidemic situation is severe, so don't be harsh on yourself, and occasionally indulge yourself on weekends will make you feel happy!

     The little accident this time was that the New Orleans Grilled Wing Marinade I bought was not included by the packager. I contacted the customer service, the attitude was very good, and I refunded the money, I hope not to forget it next time! ~! ~My grilled wings are still waiting for it! ~


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