Go for a repurchase! ~

      I was too lazy to make Laba porridge, so I wanted to buy a can of eight-treasure porridge for the occasion, so this time I bought some things that I will always repurchase.

      The first time I ate the big spicy skewers, I was really amazed. It was better than all the spicy sticks I had eaten, and it had obvious sweetness. I am a person who can’t eat too much spicy food. So I still feel a little spicy, but I still can't stop eating. This time I stock up on three packs and eat slowly.

      Shenghetang has three flavors of Guiling Shuang. My favorite is the honeysuckle flavor. If it is sold separately, I will definitely stock up a box, and the second honey Qiu pear is also available. Yes, the original flavor is quite satisfactory in comparison, but this combination is still very good, you can try three flavors.

      The fish sausages are very similar to the ones I ate every morning in China when I was a child. Because they are cheaper than the ones sold in my store, I bought another box

      I have never eaten this brand of dried jackfruit. It’s not too delicious. It’s crispy and sweet. The darker it is, the sweeter it is. now, hehe! ~

      Vegetarian steak is also delicious, with 80 calories and 5.9 grams of fat, which is slightly higher, but it is not bad during the fat reduction period.

      Silky is also good, the spicy taste is a little spicy, I can’t eat spicy, but I can accept it, it has 1.1 grams of fat, and 2.6 grams of protein, only 27 calories per pack, I like it ~!

      Garcinia cambogia reduces waist fat. I felt a little bit of effect after taking the first bag, so I will take another bag to see if the effect will be more obvious

      The one who stepped on the thunder was Zhenxiang's roast duck flavored vegetarian meat, which had no roast duck flavor at all. There is also tangerine peel flavored plum cake. I like to eat tangerine peel, but this tangerine peel tastes very light, not as good as the honey-flavored plum cake I bought last time

      Haidilao’s sauce has not been opened yet, I plan to wait until the Orleans sauce I bought last time is finished before I open this! ~

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