On Yami, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Yami quietly went up to the slightly hot hill pineapple cake! And it's still a New Year's gift box version, why is it such a treasure? 🥳 The cover of the gift box is the representative of this year's cow🐮 The simple kraft paper color sets off the finely cut cow spring couplets Take this box out and give it away! Big! Yet! When the gift box is opened, every item is beautifully packaged. There are ten pineapple cakes and ten packets of oolong tea in a box. The perfect combination. Slightly hot hills, as always, pursues the use of high-quality materials, Every pineapple cake can eat a little bit of pineapple, Sweet and sour pineapple with crispy crispy crust, Every bite can be eaten with heart. The oolong tea bag is thoughtfully designed on the tea cup, Steep to your favorite strength tea bag and take it out easily. The quality of oolong tea is good, very fragrant and sweet, and it is a good tea in memory. A sweet and sour pineapple cake with a cup of hot fragrant oolong tea as afternoon tea, life is not too beautiful🥰 # 开箱大吉 牛转钱坤 #
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在亞米上竟然驚喜發現亞米悄悄地上了微熱山丘鳳梨酥! 而且還是新年禮盒版,怎麼這麼寶藏?🥳 禮盒封面為今年的牛🐮代表 簡約的牛皮紙色襯托出剪裁精細的牛春聯 這盒拿出來送人就是 高! 大! 尚! 禮盒打開每樣物件都是精美包裝, 一盒內有十顆鳳梨酥與十包烏龍茶, 完美搭配的組合。 微熱山丘一如往常追求使用高品質的材料製作, 每個鳳梨酥都可以吃到一絲絲的土鳳梨, 酸甜土鳳梨配上酥酥脆脆的酥皮, 每口都可以吃出用心。 烏龍茶包貼心的有做匡茶杯上的設計, 泡到自己喜歡的濃度茶包輕鬆取出。 烏龍茶品質不錯非常芬香清甜,是記憶中的好茶模樣。 一顆酸酸甜甜鳳梨酥配上一杯熱騰騰的清香烏龍茶當下午茶,人生簡直不要太美好🥰 # 开箱大吉 牛转钱坤 #