# 开箱大吉 牛转钱坤 # # 来亚米才知道的美食 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation0531f5a4575ad428190 I got a single Yami today, there are quite a lot of things. Most of them are things I haven't bought before, I'm looking forward to trying them Let's unpack together and see what we have bought. 🌟Hua Muzi egg yolk rose flower cake I bought Huamuzi Xuemei Niang's rose flower cake before and it was super delicious, so this time I happened to get a 20% discount on the egg yolk flower cake. I didn't hesitate to place the order. I don't have to worry about breakfast in the next period of time. Short-term warranty product (90 days) shelf life This 2/8 arrived, 2/21 expired, and it is also close to expiration, so I folded it directly. I eat breakfast with the male ticket and it can be consumed in a few days, so I am not too worried about the expiration. 🌟 Taiwan IMEI Yimei Egg Roll Gift Box The male ticket is an egg roll fanatic. This packaging is just right and it is very suitable for eating in the new year. It's quite big when I get a box, the texture of the iron box is also very good, it feels very worthwhile 🌟Li Ziqi Qiu Li loquat paste, sweet and moisturizing pudding The loquat paste pudding of Li Ziqi, who has been looking forward to it for a long time, this time I finally happened to have something to buy + in stock 🌟KitKat sandwich wafer chocolate sparkling wine strawberry Most of the flavors of KitKat are delicious, and I really like the taste of wafer chocolate. I can't help the new sparkling wine strawberry. I must buy it and try it. 🌟 Huang Feihong Spicy Peanuts I have repurchased this peanut countless times. Every time the size is available, I will buy the size that is not too spicy. It is really delicious to eat while watching the drama. It tastes super good for stir-frying 🌟Ganyuan Brand Crab Yellow Flavor Broad Beans This broad bean is also my repurchase product. It is individually packaged. The crab roe is full of flavor. The broad bean is also crunchy. 🌟Fen Weixiang Hengyang Braised Noodles I haven't tried this, I don't even know what the halogen powder is haha, but 196 reviews gave it a score of 4.8. I believe in the eyes of the masses, buy it and try it 🌟Baman Pepper Shuangjin Soup with Sour Radish Powder This is also the first time I bought Xiaolongkan's Jintang Fatty Beef Hot and Sour Noodles. I think it's super delicious, and I want to eat the hot and sour Jintang. I just saw that this product has a very high rating, so I bought a box of three people. share 🌟Xiaolongkan Mianyang Rice Noodles I’ve never tried Xiaolongkan’s fast food before. This time I’ll try his Mianyang rice noodles. It’s not very spicy, so I bought the clear soup. I’m looking forward to it. 🌟MINISO cotton series face wash towel I have bought MINISO many times. The price is cheap and the quality is good. When I placed the order, this face towel happened to be discounted. In addition, there are only two packs of face towel left at home, so I bought it. I got a big bag that still feels very thick. I opened it in two days to see how the thickness and water absorption of this face towel are. 🌟Korea RYO Lu nourishing shampoo This is the third time that Lu's shampoo has been bought. Overall, I am very satisfied. The ability to remove oil is very strong, and the hair will not be too astringent after washing. Okay, the unpacking is over~ I really bought a lot of new products this time. I will continue to share the grass and weeds in the future! 📦📦📦
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Yamiセレクション # 开箱大吉 牛转钱坤 # # 来亚米才知道的美食 # # 高颜值美食 # 今天到了一单亚米 东西还挺多的呢 大部分都是之前没买过的东西 很期待尝试 我们一起来开箱看看都买了什么吧~ 🌟花木子 蛋黄玫瑰鲜花饼 之前买过花木子雪媚娘玫瑰鲜花饼 感觉超级好吃 于是这次正好碰上蛋黄鲜花饼打对折 毫不犹豫地下单 接下来一段时间的早餐又不用愁啦 短保商品(90天)保质期 这款2/8到货 2/21过期 也是临近过期了所以直接对折 我和男票一起当早饭吃没几天都能消耗掉了 所以不太担心过期的问题 🌟台湾IMEI义美 蛋卷礼盒 男票就是蛋卷狂热爱好者 这个包装正好红红火火的 非常适合新年里吃 拿到手一盒还挺大的 铁盒子质感也很不错 感觉很值 🌟李子柒 秋梨枇杷膏 清甜润肺布丁 期待了非常久的李子柒的枇杷膏布丁 这次好不容易正巧我有东西要买+有货 二话不说买回来尝个鲜 🌟KitKat 夹心威化巧克力 气泡酒草莓 KitKat大部分口味都很好吃 而且超级喜欢威化巧克力的口感 新出的气泡酒草莓我是忍不住了一定要买回来尝尝看 🌟黄飞红 麻辣花生 这款花生我回购无数次啦 每次哪个size有货我就买哪个size 不是特别辣 一边看剧一边吃真的好吃到根本停不下来 吃完花生米之后 里面的辣椒我有时候还会拿来炒个菜 味道也是超级足 🌟甘源牌 蟹黄味蚕豆 这款蚕豆也是我的回购产品 里面都是独立包装的 蟹黄味很足 蚕豆也是脆脆的 过年当小吃特别棒 🌟粉唯湘 衡阳卤粉 没吃过这款 我甚至连卤粉是啥都不知道哈哈 然而196条评价打出了4.8分 我相信群众的眼睛 买它试试看 🌟霸蛮 椒爽金汤酸萝卜粉 这款也是第一次买 之前买过小龙坎的金汤肥牛酸辣粉觉得超好吃 还想吃酸辣的金汤味 正好看到这款 评分也非常高 所以买来尝尝 一盒是三人份 🌟小龙坎 绵阳米粉 之前吃过的小龙坎的速食都没有踩过雷 这次也试一试他家的绵阳米粉 不是很能吃辣所以买的清汤味 好期待哦 🌟MINISO 全棉系列 洗脸洁面巾 MINISO的东西买了好多次了 价格便宜而且质量都还不错 下单的时候这款洗脸巾正好也打折 加上家里的洗脸巾只剩两包了 就买啦 拿到感觉还是很厚实的一大包 过两天拆开看看这款洗脸巾的厚度和吸水性如何 🌟韩国RYO吕 滋养洗发水 吕的洗发水这是第三次买了 总体还是非常满意的 去油能力很强 洗完头发也不会太涩 好啦开箱完毕~这次真的买了好多新品 后续有种草拔草会继续分享的! 📦📦📦