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I have placed several orders recently, but I am procrastinating, until I have saved a lot of pictures, I will post it today, hehe! ~! ~

1. Konjac crisps are delicious. They are a perfect substitute for fat goat flour in hot pot. The calories are still low. The back of the package says 17 cards, but after I scanned it with the APP, I wrote 28 cards. It doesn't matter. Low is not

2. The big spicy skewers are very fragrant and delicious. For people who can't eat spicy food, it is still a little spicy, but it is acceptable. It can be eaten several times. If you like spicy food, it is estimated that you will eat one packet at a time. no problem

3. Self-heating claypot rice is the first time I have eaten self-heating food. It's not bad. For those who stay at home, try something new

4. Shake tea and Shenghetang ginseng honey-flavored Guiling paste are both repurchased for the Nth time. They are low in calories and taste good. If you are tired of drinking sparkling water, you can use these for a change.

5. The exploding beads in the mask are really hot now, it is really a necessity, and the taste is fresh. If one explodes on the face, it will feel cool on the face, haha! ~

6. The big wave potato chips with roast chicken flavor are often sold out in my store here, and it is also one of my favorite flavors. It's the right choice when you want to eat potato chips

7, thick dried tofu, really thick, a little spicy, you can slice and fry celery

8. Miso soup, grapefruit biscuits, and grapefruit flavor sugar are relatively normal, especially the grapefruit biscuits, which taste strange and disappointing

Looking forward to the next order! ~

#开箱大吉 牛转钱坤##Happy order Happy life!#
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#开箱大吉 牛转钱坤##Happy order Happy life!#