# 亚米返校季 # When Yami was buying snacks, I would see three and a half meals from time to time. After checking it, I found out that the three and a half meals were not ordinary instant coffee, but cold-brewed freeze-dried super instant coffee powder. I was instantly moved! When I got my hands, I sighed silently that the packaging is really beautiful. Each small box is in the shape of a coffee cup, with different color numbers. It feels like a bit over-packed. Recycle plastic bottles together. ☕️What do the numbers on the small box mean? It represents the degree of roasting of the coffee. The larger the number, the higher the roasting degree, so the small number is more sour, and the large number is more bitter. There are 6 flavors in a box, 4 of each. The name, the degree of baking, the liquid suitable for brewing and the milliliter are written on the back of the small box, which is very ceremonial. ☕️How does it taste I brewed No. 1 with ice water and No. 5 with milk according to the recommended liquid, and I can clearly feel the difference in the flavor of the coffee. No. 1 is just like the description says, with a touch of citrus and a hint of fruity acidity. No. 5 seems to really have a cocoa fragrance, which is super suitable with milk. ☕️How to brew The coffee powder itself is super delicate. Pour in the ice water and stir it for a while and it will melt evenly. However, pouring in the milk will make it easier to form small particles. After reading the manual, you should first dissolve it with a drop of cold water, and then pour it in. The same goes for other plant-based milks. Sometimes I buy bottled cold brew in the supermarket, it will be weaker with milk, and it is too fat with haf n half, but three and a half meals solve this problem, the taste is more concentrated, and it is delicious! When I need to buy instant coffee in the future, I will look for it!
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Yamiセレクション # 亚米返校季 # 在亚米买零食的时候时不时会看到三顿半,一查才知道原来三顿半不是普通的速溶咖啡,是冷萃冻干超即溶咖啡粉啊,瞬间心动! 拿到手默默感叹包装真是精美,每个小盒子都是一个咖啡杯的形状,颜色号码都不同,感觉好像有点过度包装,国内有回收计划(官方叫返航计划),美国这边就只能和普通塑料瓶子一起回收啦。 ☕️小盒子上的数字啥意思 代表了咖啡的烘焙程度,数字越大烘焙程度越高,所以小数字的偏酸,大数字的偏苦。一盒里面有6种味道,每种4个。小盒子的背后写了名字,烘焙程度,适合冲泡的液体以及毫升,好有仪式感。 ☕️味道怎么样 我按照建议的液体用冰水冲泡了1号,牛奶冲泡了5号,可以很明显的感觉到咖啡的风味有所不同。1号就像说明书上写的,有一点柑橘的感觉,酸中带着一丝果香。5号好像真的有可可香味,搭配牛奶超合适的。 ☕️怎么冲泡 咖啡粉本身超级细腻,倒入冰水稍微搅拌两下就融化均匀了,但是倒入牛奶还是会比较容易结成小颗粒,看了下说明书其实应该先用一丢丢凉水化开,再倒入牛奶里,其他植物奶也一样。有时候会在超市里面买瓶装冷萃喝,配牛奶就会比较淡,配haf n half又太肥人,但是三顿半解决了这个问题,味道比较浓缩,好喝好喝! 以后有需要买速溶咖啡的时候我就认准它了!