You can buy Baumkuchen in various flavors on Yami. This kind of Baumkuchen slices a box of 9 pieces, which is quite convenient without cutting it yourself. After opening the outer packaging, it is best to find a sealed box and pack it to prevent the cake from becoming hard. This is the third time I have tried its Baumkuchen. I have tried the original and matcha flavors before. The original taste is sweet, and the tea taste of the matcha version is a little light. Although this one is still a bit sweet, at least it does taste a clear cheese taste, which is the one I recommend. # 双十一必囤 # # 为所爱 放肆嗨 #
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Yamiセレクション 亚米上可以买到各种味道的年轮蛋糕,这种年轮切片一盒9块,不用自己切还是挺方便的。外包装打开后最好找个密封的盒子装起来,避免蛋糕变硬。 这是第三次尝试它家的年轮蛋糕,之前试过原味和抹茶味的。原味偏甜,抹茶款的茶味有些淡。这款虽然还是有点甜,至少确实尝出了明显芝士味道,算是我比较推荐的一款。 # 双十一必囤 # # 为所爱 放肆嗨 #