# 入夏必备 # Unlocking boba milk tea is just one step: Frozen O's Bubble With it, you can drink pure boba milk tea at home. O's Bubble series are frozen products, It's a syrup + boba combination, No need to add water, But it needs to be seasoned with milk, Much better than those boba granules! It's also very simple to do: Just pack a pack of frozen boba After heating in the microwave for at least 45 seconds, Add your favorite milk (or almond milk, coconut milk, etc.) Add some ice cubes to get a cup of fragrant ice boba! The syrup has a strong taste, If you like less sweetness, add more ice. You can also add a little water to dilute. Boba tastes good. Not as soft as ice cream, Very Q bomber boba. Make a cup to take out today, very popular with colleagues, Everyone was planted by me for this boba milk tea, Next time I will buy a matcha flavor to try.
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Yamiセレクション # 入夏必备 # 解锁波霸奶茶只需一步: 冰冻O's Bubble波霸 有了它就可以在家喝到纯正波霸奶茶。 O's Bubble波霸系列是冷冻产品, 是糖浆+波霸组合, 不需要加水, 但需要用奶来调味, 比那些波霸冲剂粉好喝很多! 做起来也特别简单: 只需要将一包冷冻的 boba 包装 用微波炉加热至少 45 秒后, 添加你喜欢的牛奶(或杏仁奶、椰奶等) 再加适量冰块就可以得到一杯香浓冰波霸! 糖浆味道很浓郁, 喜欢甜度低一点就多加冰, 也可以适当加一点点的水来稀释, 波霸口感不错, 不是冰淇淋那种绵软的, 很Q弹的波霸。 今天冲调一杯外带出门, 很受同事们喜欢, 大家都被我种草了这款波霸奶茶, 下次再买一份抹茶口味试试。