# 入夏必备 # Best product to buy this summer! Sun protection jacket under the banana! Slim fit! cool! Comfortable! Washed several times in the washing machine and still looks as good as new! The quality is very good! Hope Yami can enter more colors for purchase! One size fits all! Can be worn in any size! Very flexible! Hope to get all the colors together 😆
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Yamiセレクション # 入夏必备 # 今年夏天買的最好的產品!蕉下防曬外套!修身!涼爽!舒服!洗衣機洗好幾次了,依舊光鮮如新!質量非常好!希望亞米能進更多顏色提供購買!均碼!一般大小都能穿!彈性非常大!希望能湊齊所有顏色😆