# 入夏必备 # Summer is the home of Liushen Hualu Water! Whether repelling mosquitoes, relieving itching, or refreshing and refreshing Can not be separated from the six gods When I was a child, I knew Liushen toilet water summer night Only the smell of Liushen toilet water makes people feel safe A sweet and good night's sleep away from mosquito bites Very happy to be able to buy Liushen toilet water at Yami Except for the classic And many new products Blue is mosquito repellent toilet water - ice lotus fragrance Yellow is itching toilet water hot summer night, The room full of faint toilet water still smells good
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Yamiセレクション # 入夏必备 # 夏天就是六神花露水的主场! 无论是驱蚊、止痒、还是劲凉、提神 都离不开六神 小时候有印象中就知道六神花露水 夏天的夜晚 只有六神花露水的味道 会让人有安全感 远离蚊虫叮咬才会睡的香甜、好眠 很开心能在亚米买到六神花露水 除了经典款 还有很多新产品 蓝色是驱蚊花露水-冰莲香 黄色是止痒花露水 炎炎夏夜, 满室淡淡的花露水还是挺好闻的