# 全球购 # Come and see my Korean Daewoo North American version of the Poros electric pressure + rice cooker all-in-one pot. The purple color of Xiaomaru is so elegant and dreamy. This is the first time I have seen a purple integrated pot. It looks amazing! What is an integrated pot? It can be used as a pressure cooker + rice cooker, with dual modes of high pressure⚡️ and micro pressure, and has three-in-one functions, including high-pressure braised meat and soup, micro-pressure steamed rice and porridge, and open-top cooking (stewing, stewing, steaming). , boil, bake, rinse), it can be said that it can meet all cooking needs in one pot, making it convenient and you can find the fun of cooking at any time. This all-in-one pot complies with North American standard voltage and can be used with confidence. The 3L capacity is enough for 3-4 people. The standard single inner pot is non-stick coated and suitable for cooking. If you want to use it as a pressure cooker, you need to contact customer service to confirm the size and purchase stainless steel. It has 12 preset smart menus. Whether you are making soup, stewing meat, beans/tendons, porridge, baking without water or opening the lid to collect the juice, you can select and operate it with just one click, which is very convenient. The cooking functions include essence rice, instant rice, sprouted rice, nutritious rice, cake, and keeping warm. The rice cooking functions are complete. If you want to cook rice 🍚 in a short time, press Quick 💨 rice to have a pot of sweet rice in 20 minutes 👍 As an all-in-one voltage cooker, it has a 15-layer protection design, and the solenoid valve automatically releases pressure, eliminating the need for manual touching and keeping away from the danger of steam jets⚠️. The instant pot automatically releases pressure in about 30 minutes. I haven't started using this function on Poros because it only ships with an uncoated inner pot. I may need to buy a stainless steel pressure cooker special inner pot in the future to do a more in-depth evaluation. This remains to be seen👀 In addition, the integrated pot is equipped with 24-hour reservation and 12-hour automatic heat preservation. Working/student people can eat delicious food when they go home without having to wait until they are hungry. I cooked a pot of rice when I came back from get off work tonight. The rice was cooked and delicious!
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Yamiセレクション # 全球购 #大家快来看我这个韩国大宇北美版Poros电压力+电饭煲一体锅,小丸紫色好优雅好梦幻,这是我第一次见紫色的一体锅,颜值爆表呀! 何谓一体锅?就是可以作为高压锅+电饭锅使用,有高压⚡️和微压双模式,并且有三合一功能,分别是高压焖肉炖汤、微压蒸饭煮粥和开盖烹煮(焖、炖、蒸、煮、焗、涮),可以说是一锅实现所有烹饪需求,方便又随时找到烹饪的乐趣。 这个一体锅符合北美标准电压,可以安心使用。3L的容量足够3-4人享用。标配单内胆,是不粘涂层的,适合煮饭用;如果要当高压锅用,需要联系客服确认尺寸购买不锈钢材质的才行。 它有预设12项智能菜单,无论煲汤、炖肉、豆/蹄筋、煮粥、无水焗还是开盖收汁,一键选择操作即可,十分方便。 烹煮功能有精华饭、快速饭、发芽米、营养米、蛋糕、保温,煮饭功能齐全。如果想在短时间内把饭🍚煮好,按快速💨饭20分钟就搞定一锅香甜米饭👍 作为一体锅的电压锅,它有15重保护设计,电磁阀自动泄压,无需手动触碰,远离蒸汽喷射危险⚠️。instant pot自动泄压大概是30分钟左右,Poros的我还没开始用这个功能,因为配送的只有不涂层内胆,可能我需要以后再购买一个不锈钢高压锅专用内胆才能做更深入的测评,这点还需有待观察👀 另外一体锅设有24小时预约,12小时自动保温,上班/学生一族回家就可以吃到美味佳肴,无需等到饥肠辘辘才有饭吃。 今晚下班回来就煮了一锅好饭,米饭🍚煮好香喷喷呢!