# 新春甜茶 # # 一喝就爱上的水 # Speaking of jasmine tea, it reminds me of the jasmine flowers planted in the yard of my hometown when I was a child. Every summer, the yard exudes charming jasmine. It has the fragrance of jasmine. It can be said that jasmine has been my favorite since I was a child, and it is also the most representative of my childhood. The flower of memory. This is why I have always loved drinking drinks with jasmine flowers. This time I have the opportunity to try Zhao Zhao’s tea🍵. One of them is my favorite jasmine green tea. Jasmine green tea lovers should not miss it. Just by listening to the name, you know that this tea is not simple, right? To make a good cup of tea, you need to use jasmine and scent it many times, and finally go through a complicated process of frying the flowers. The packaging is very simple and elegant, making it suitable for giving away and keeping for yourself. When you open the iron box, it is packaged in a paper bag, and the ska is a box containing tea. Because it is a trial size, one pot is enough for one box. As soon as you open it, you can smell the strong jasmine fragrance, which makes you feel relaxed and happy! If you look closely, the dried teas are all plump and straight, very large, and all are dark green in color. The quality is very good. After brewing, the jasmine green tea 🍵 tea soup is very fragrant, and the color is bright yellow with a bright feeling. The clear color is very beautiful. The entrance is very mellow, and the taste is sweet and refreshing. As soon as you drink it, your mouth will be filled with the strong flavor of jasmine, and at the same time, it still has the aroma of green tea. It is very comfortable and smooth in the throat, and the sweet aftertaste is very obvious. The second time I drank it, I could still taste the fragrant jasmine green tea flavor. It was really great and it felt very durable.
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Yamiセレクション # 新春甜茶 # # 一喝就爱上的水 #说起茉莉花茶,不禁让我想起小时候家乡院子里种的茉莉花,每到夏天院子就四处散发迷人的茉莉花香,可以说茉莉花是我从小到大最喜欢、也最有童年记忆的花了。这导致一直以来为什么我也爱喝和茉莉花一切的饮品,这次有机会尝试赵赵的茶🍵,其中一款就是我最爱的茉莉绿茶,茉莉绿茶控千万别错过呀。 光听名字就知道这茶不简单是吧,制造一杯好茶要用茉莉经过反复多次窨制,最后再进行复杂的炒花工序才制成的。 包装非常的简洁大气,送人自留两相宜。打开铁盒是纸袋包装,斯卡就是一盒装着茶叶的盒子。因为是试用装,泡一壶就是一盒的量。 一打开就闻到浓浓的茉莉香,让人感到心旷神怡!细看干茶颗颗都肥壮挺直,很大一条,都是呈墨绿的色泽,品质非常好。 沖泡后的茉莉绿茶🍵茶汤非常的香,色泽呈现嫩黄色带明亮感,很清澈的那种颜色非常好看。入口很香醇,口感属于甘甜爽口,一喝就满嘴都是浓醇的茉莉花味,同时还不失绿茶香,喝到喉咙处很舒服很柔滑,回甜非常明显。第二次喝还是可以喝到飘香四溢的茉莉绿茶味,实在好棒,感觉非常耐泡。