# 新春甜茶 # # 一喝就爱上的水 #I always drink tea🍵 in my daily life. I am a tea drinker. Although I have no research on tea, I have always loved it since I was a child. Drinking tea, maybe it has something to do with the environment, growing up My parents like to take me to the teahouse for morning tea and snacks. The first thing they serve is a cage of black pepper chicken feet and a pot of hot tea. This habit has lasted for decades. Sunshine Zhao Zhao’s tea 🍵 Another one is called Lapsang Black Tea. Each bag is individually packaged, which is hygienic, moisture-proof and easy to carry. The only drawback is that you have to drink it after opening it, because it is a trial size, so if you think you can’t finish it, just take it. You can also rinse a small part of it, and clip the rest with a clip🗜️ and put it in a cool place, just be careful to prevent moisture. The black tea smells so natural and delicate, and it smells like high-quality tea leaves without any added flavor. After awakening the tea in boiling water, let the black tea leaves be fully immersed in the water, and wait until the leaves are completely stretched before brewing. This will fully demonstrate the taste and characteristics of the black tea. It is really red and bright enough, and it is fragrant and smooth enough to drink in one sip. Afternoon It would be great to have a small snack to go with this pot of tea!
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Yamiセレクション # 新春甜茶 # # 一喝就爱上的水 #平时生活中我总是少不了喝茶🍵,我是个非常爱喝茶的人,虽然对茶没什么研究,但从小到大就是爱喝茶,也许跟环境有关吧,从小到大爸爸妈妈就很喜欢带我到茶楼喝早茶吃点心,上桌第一件事肯定是来一笼豉椒凤爪和来一壶热茶,这种习惯一喝就是几十年。 晒晒赵赵的茶🍵另一款叫做正山红茶,每袋都是独立包装,卫生防潮又方便携带,唯一缺点是打开就要喝掉了,因为是试用装,如果认为喝不完的拿一小部分冲也可以,剩余的用夹子🗜️夹好放在阴凉处,注意防潮即可。 红茶闻起来好自然幽香,一闻就是没加香精的上等茶叶。沸水醒茶后让红茶茶叶充分浸润在水中,等叶片完全舒展之后再冲泡,这样就尽显了红茶的味道和特色,真的够红和够亮,一口喝下去也够香醇和顺滑,下午来个小点心再配上这壶茶真不错呀!