# 新春甜茶 # # 一喝就爱上的水 #NESTLADY This red date, longan, wolfberry tea and brown sugar ginger tea🫚 is really the best health tea, high-end Nourishing tea bags yyds! Exquisite Pig Girl is a must-have in your home. I believe that after drinking it for a long time, your skin will be white and rosy without any problem! There are 15 bags of red dates, longan and wolfberry tea in total. These are ready-to-brew bags. You can brew them directly when you want to drink. After tearing open the mesh bag packaging, you can see with the naked eye that there are plenty of high-quality ingredients: dried red dates, longan, wolfberry, and there is a faint fragrance of red dates when you smell it. Another black tea and ginger tea has a total of 18 bags. The ingredients are: handmade brown sugar cubes, jujubes, longans, mulberries, ginger, and Pingyin roses. Long-term drinking has the effect of relieving menstrual pain, which is definitely good news for women! The method of drinking is to pour the tea bag into a cup, add 200-300 ml of 85-degree hot water, and brew for 3-5 minutes. The brewed tea is super beautiful in color, smells very fragrant of the raw materials, has a mellow taste, and has a refreshing fragrance in the mouth. It is very delicious. Let’s talk about the red date, longan and wolfberry tea first. I really like the fragrance of red dates. It’s sweet and comfortable to drink. Overall, it’s not too sweet and tastes good. The brown sugar ginger tea personally feels a little spicy, the ginger has a strong taste, and the brown sugar is not super sweet. Overall, it is acceptable. Generally speaking, many women have cold hands and feet in winter caused by insufficient Qi and blood, cold uterus, body cold, or discomfort during menstrual periods. At this time, drinking red dates, longan, wolfberry tea and brown sugar ginger tea can easily replenish blood and make you look good in no time. Drink it out.
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Yamiセレクション # 新春甜茶 # # 一喝就爱上的水 #NESTLADY这款红枣桂圆枸杞茶和红糖姜茶🫚真的是最棒的养生茶,高级滋补茶包yyds!精致猪猪女养成记家中必备呐,相信长期喝完皮肤白里透红绝对不成问题! 红枣桂圆枸杞茶一共15袋 ,这是即冲型袋泡装,想喝的时候就可以直接冲泡 。撕开网袋包装,肉眼可以见的上等食材,用料很足:红枣干、桂圆、枸杞,轻轻一闻还有淡淡的红枣清香。 另外一款红茶姜茶一共有18袋,配料有:手工红糖块、大枣、桂圆、桑椹、千姜、平阴玫瑰,长期饮用具有缓解经期疼痛的功效,绝对是女性福音呢! 饮用方法是将茶包倒入杯子中,泡上200-300毫升的85度热水,冲泡3-5分钟即可。泡出来的茶色超级好看,闻起来很有原材料的香味,口感醇厚,入口清香,非常好喝。 先说说红枣桂圆枸杞茶吧,我真的好喜欢红枣的清香,甜甜的喝起来好舒服,总体不会很甜腻,很好喝。 红糖姜茶呢个人感觉有点微辣感,姜的味道浓郁,红糖也没有超甜,总体是可以接受的。 总体来讲很多女士都有气血不足、宫寒体寒或生理期不适导致的冬季手脚冰凉的情况,这时候坚持喝红枣桂圆枸杞茶和红糖生姜茶就能轻松补充血气,好气色一下子就喝出来了。