臭豆腐 has really eaten all of Yamibuy's 臭豆腐, and these are all good, including the black duck flavored Peng Ji Xuan with very low reviews, and the garlic-flavored Peng Ji Xuan that is not available here. The smell is the highest in Xiangxiang, and it is the saltiest at the same time. It is authentic and full of taste. Unfortunately, it has been out of stock for a long time and the quality is not stable. Sometimes it is very dry and salty and it is not delicious. Peng Ji Xuan is softer and has a more stable quality. The black duck flavor is not as unpleasant as the comments said, and it is soft, a little sweet, and the least stinky. Maybe you don't like its black duck flavor. Well, a little fusion feeling. Friends who don't hate the smell of duck oil can try it.
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Yamiセレクション 臭豆腐达人真的把亚米网所有的臭豆腐都吃遍了,这几款都不错,包括评论极低的黑鸭味彭记轩,此处没有的蒜蓉味的彭记轩也很好吃。臭度,乡乡嘴最高,同时最咸,算是味道正宗又丰满,可惜断货很久了而且品质不稳定,有时候很干很咸就不好吃。彭记轩更软味道柔和,品质稳定。黑鸭味没有评论说的那么难吃,也很软,有些甜,最不臭,可能大家不喜欢它的黑鸭香精,真的有一些鸭子的腥臊味儿,又有点皂味,没有那么差啦,有点fusion的感觉。不讨厌鸭油味的小伙伴可以尝试。