Today, let's recommend "Etude House - Etude House" natural eyebrow pencil A few days ago, the group was discussing which eyebrow pencil should I buy on Yamibuy? Today, Tangtang recommends children to buy this Etude House double-ended eyebrow pencil. First of all, its eyebrow pencil is characterized by a slope, which is very good for delineating eyebrows. Unlike the pointed ones, the brush strokes are either too deep and obvious, or they are drawn as if they were not drawn. And this one won't, I also bought it in random search mode when I saw 咩咩🐑. I also bought it with the mentality of trying it out, and it didn't disappoint me. I threw away the ones I bought before. It's a color that goes well with all kinds of makeup. It is not difficult for a new baby to get started. You can try to make it your first brow pencil. The material of the refill is also very good, not the kind that collapses after a painting, or deforms and produces lumps. I still bought this one for a long time, it is also very durable, the waterproof function is ok, and the makeup does not fall off after a day. Everyone can try it. Candy push! 🤗
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Yamiセレクション 今日来推荐一下《Etude House - 爱丽小屋》自然眉笔 早几日群里在讨论究竟要在亚米上买哪种眉笔比较好? 今天糖糖推荐小朋友们买这款爱丽小屋的双头眉笔。 首先它眉笔头的特点是有斜度的,非常好描出眉形。 不像那种尖头的,一笔下去要么太深太明显,要么画了跟没画似的。 而这款不会,当初我也是随机搜的模式看见咩咩🐑买了。 我也来试试的心态买了,结果没有让我失望。 以前买的那些我都抛弃了。 这款颜色而且比较适合搭配各种妆。 对于画眉新宝宝来说也一点都不难上手。 你们尽可以尝试让它成为你们的第一支眉笔。 笔芯的材质也很棒,不是那种一画就塌掉的,或者变形了出粒块的。 这支我还是买了挺久的,也很耐用,防水功能还行,一天下来也没掉妆。 大家可以尝试一下。 糖糖力推!🤗