✨Eyeshadow Palette Recommended Daily ✨

In addition to the previous eyeshadow palette punches.

Let's recommend some daily practical eyeshadow palettes.

Look down if you are interested😘


💕My personal eyeshadow palette that I use a lot on a daily basis recently.< /span>This is the first eyeshadowtartethe first set of eyeshadows.I only have one set of their eyeshadows. I think it is really the most classic and practical!

💕The colors are very everyday.There are pearlescent and matte..The color belongs to no matter how you apply it. Can be light or dark..I think its color rendering is medium. .So don't worry about starting too hard and ruining the eye makeup.For beginners Very friendly.

💕It will not fly easily.Under the price40knife? This time just happened to sephora20% off if you are interested, you can consider starting!

[Renaissance Disc]

💕This eyeshadow palette was once a gust of wind. span>Beautiful colors.Earth tones in one plate< span class="s3">.Purple tint.Reddish brown tint .So useful.

💕Silty is soft and waxy.There will be a slight flying powder.But it does not affect.Permanence and tint are great. Very diverse and diverse set.Draw it every day for a while.Can create different looks.

💕Comes with a double-ended brush.< span class="s2">Occasional travel is very convenient.

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