YoYoYo, with dumplings 撒狗粮. Dumpling's first 万圣节🎃 is a unicorn🦄️. Clothes are purchased at Target, which now has a discount of 25➖5. The clothes are divided into long-sleeved inner shirt and pants, and the outer is a unicorn furry short-sleeved hood. Considering that the child is still young, I chose this absolutely warm dress. The dumpling should be the fattest one in history. 😂 There is an elastic under the short-sleeved hood, and it all got stuck on the child's stomach, so he has a big belly 😂. The first danzi 万圣节 I am very happy as a mother haha.. I am still wondering if the whole family should buy this set, the target has adult models.
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YoYoYo,带着团子撒狗粮。 团子的第一个万圣节🎃是一只独角兽🦄️。衣服购于Target,它家现在有满25➖5的优惠。 衣服是分长袖内衬衣和裤子,外面是一个独角兽的毛茸茸的短袖连帽。 考虑到孩子还小,于是就选了这个绝对保暖的装扮。 团子应该是史上最胖的一只。😂短袖连帽底下有松紧,结果都卡在这孩子的肚子上,于是有了一个大肚囊😂。 团子的第一个万圣节我当妈的非常幸福哈哈.. 还在想要不要一家人都买这个套装,target有成人款。