Lactic acid bacteria drink lovers, Yami will be on the shelves soon 😂

This is a bitter plea for Yami from a lactic acid bacteria drink lover. It seems that Yami has not stocked up with lactic acid bacteria for a long time.😭Recently, I can only go out and bring back some heavyweight drinks. By the way, I would like to introduce three different types of lactic acid bacteria.

The first recommendation is South KoreaDongWonThe fruit lactic acid bacteria from Dongyuan Company, a total of Three flavors, blood orange🍊, grapefruit, and mango🥭 . I like blood oranges the most. The sweet and sour is very appetizing. Although the sugar is high, it has 600mgvitaminCFollowing120calorie or acceptable.

⬇️⬇️⬇️Below is the company's product introduction picture⬇️⬇️⬇️

The second place is the sample lactic acid bacteria. I don't need to introduce the taste of the sample, everyone should be familiar with it. 330ml's big package is super enjoyable to drink!

Third pushSuntoryhomeBikkleLactic acid bacteria, the taste is the sweetest among the three brands, but the taste is still good. Just coveting the convenience of plastic bottles, you can drink a bottle anytime, anywhere, and it is convenient to carry.

Finally, I would like to ask the little sisters in the purchasing department, can you consider putting Apple West on the shelves? There are all black pine guava juice, why can't we order some sarsas and sardines? Consider it! If you have a cold, you should drink hot salsa, and the hot pot should be served with apple cider😄😄😄

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