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Enoki Mushroom Fat Beef

The practice of fat beef enoki mushroom rolls

1. Wash the enoki mushrooms, cut off the legs, and drain the water for later use

2. Let the beef slices thaw at room temperature

3. Take a piece of fat beef and roll up a handful of enoki mushrooms

4. Roll up all the enoki mushrooms with beef slices in turn

5. Heat the pan over high heat, then return to medium heat, and fry the beef enoki mushroom rolls directly in the pan

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6. Fry the beef until it changes color, then turn it another time, and evenly fry the entire beef until it changes color


7. Put a tablespoon of oyster sauce in a bowl

8. Join1Tsp of sugar

9. Add water and mix well with chopsticks

Heat the pot, pour the oyster sauce on the pot and bring to a boil.

Then drizzle directly on the fat beef enoki mushroom rolls

Tips for Fat Beef Enoki Mushroom Rolls

1, thaw the fat beef slightly, so that the enoki mushrooms can be rolled tightly.  

2, Flammulina velutipes can also be boiled in a pot, or placed in the microwave for dozens of seconds, but if you make trouble , it is also possible to roll up and fry it directly with fat beef, but it takes longer to fry. I use the direct method.  

3, when frying, you can put a little oil in the pan or no oil, because during the frying process , the fat cattle will precipitate a small part of the oil.  

4, when adjusting the sauce, because the oyster sauce itself has a salty taste, if the taste is light, there is no need to add it salted.  

1. 5、If you like thicker gravy, you can add a little water with cornstarch when boiling the oyster sauce, and mix thoroughly Pour into the oyster sauce and stir to combine.

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1. 将金针菇洗净,切去菇脚部分,沥干水份备用

2. 肥牛片放室温稍解冻一下

3. 取一肥牛片,把一小撮金针菇卷起来

4. 依次用肥牛片把所有的金针菇都卷起来

5. 平底锅开大火烧热,再转回中火,把肥牛金针菇卷直接放平底锅内煎

6. 煎至肥牛变色,再转另一下,均匀的把整个肥牛都煎透变色即可

7. 将一大匙蚝油放在碗内

8. 加入1小匙白糖

9. 加入清水用筷子搅拌均匀








1. 5、如果喜欢较稠的芡汁,可以煮沸蚝油汁的时候,用生粉加少许清水,调匀倒在蚝油汁里,搅匀即可。