🌸 When Sephora put the fairy water and the small black bottle on the shelves before, I couldn't think of what I needed to buy, and I wanted to exchange points for medium and small samples, but I was too lazy to go out! Are you as lazy as I am! ? Then exchange it online, collect a single artifact for half-price sleeping mask, Sephora's home-made, the original price is only $4/piece, after half price, it is $2/piece, and you can check out directly after redeeming the points in the mall~ 🌸 I placed 2 orders at that time mainly to exchange 100 points for the order placed in the 8ml small black bottle. I only changed one set of the fairy water set at the time, because the description on the official website was wrong and thought it was fairy water plus mini eye cream, so I thought about changing a set to try. I tried it, and it turned out that my family members who were away on business went to the store to help me exchange ❤️Add chicken thighs🍗 🌸 The sleeping mask I got is not mini at all. I thought it was just a piece. When I opened it, it looked like a mini jelly cup. It was only 8ml each. I haven’t used it yet. The $2/8ml sleeping mask, you can't buy it, you can't be fooled, this mask is the best choice next time when you just want to redeem points for products! # 春日粉色即正义 # # 百万积分第六季 #
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🌸之前那次Sephora上架了神仙水和小黑瓶的时候,暂时想不到需要买什么,又想积分换中小样又懒得出去!你们是不是也跟我一样懒!?那就网上兑换,凑单神器半价睡眠面膜,Sephora家自产的,原价也只要$4/个,半价后也就是$2/个,积分商城兑换完直接结账~ 🌸我当时下了2单主要是为了100积分兑换8ml小黑瓶下的单,神仙水套装当时只换了一套,因为官网描述错误以为是神仙水加迷你眼霜,就想着换一套试试呗,结果还是出差在外的家属争气跑去店里帮我兑换❤️加鸡腿🍗 🌸拿到手的睡眠面膜一点也不迷你,本来以为看起来只是个片片,打开一看像个迷你果冻杯,每只有8ml,暂时还没用,等我用过了回来汇报情况~但是这才$2/8ml的睡眠面膜,买不了吃亏买不了上当,下次遇到只想兑换积分产品的时候,这个面膜是最佳选择哦! # 春日粉色即正义 # # 百万积分第六季 #