Pink.Me!!! Hot coming

Remember the last time I shared Pink.Me with you! This popular domestic Internet celebrity snack It starts with the appearance, falls into the taste, and finally the meaning With it we can tear scumbags by hand Send the scheming girl to express our disdain Of course you can also enjoy the taste


Healthy Eating and Weight Loss in Winter

Every time I gain three pounds during the festival, I recommend a healthy instant white fungus soup for everyone today It is also our very famous Palace Food My Heart Tremella Soup Independent small package, easy to carry; The white fungus is soft and glutinous, rich in gum; Not only delicious,


Fire-proof, anti-theft and anti-slag men

The recent popularity of PINK.ME in China! Snacks have added a lot of freshness to my spare time. PINK.ME! The SLOGAN series are very individual and have distinctive packaging, which is simply a blessing for girls who like to take pictures! Today, I would like to recommend a slag-proof man


Memories of faces

Noodles made from wheat are entwined with Chinese memories. Zhajiang noodles in Beijing, knife-cut noodles in Shanxi, hot dry noodles in Wuhan, and Dandan noodles in Sichuan There are different flavors from north to south, and the way to eat is different, Delicacy is never more precious, but mor


Flavor Box New Year's Flavor~

It is said that in the New Year, one season is the same, and the New Year is to eat well, For those who are used to eating wine, meat and hot pot, Returning to nature is not a brand new choice, Recommend to everyone, a snack gift package that covers all corners of the country These foods are nat


Let you who don't eat spicy also fall in love

I bought it once before. Last time, the edamame in the gift bag was delicious, and the others were divided by colleagues. This time, I specially brought a big gift package to try it out Spicy and sweet, its very quick. 7 foods, mix and match, Its a good New Years snack The pa


Don't be afraid of dry lips in winter

As the weather turns cold, the lips are prone to cracking and peeling. Even if a moisturizing lipstick is used, the effect is still not good; Recently, a good friend brought me a toffee-flavored lip balm, which is moisturizing and not greasy. Its the White Rabbit Lipstick series from Megajing.


Watching the story of Yanxi Palace is to eat the palace lotus cake

I recently read the Story of Yanxi Palace and liked a traditional pastry lotus cake in it. I looked for it with the attitude of trying it, and I really found it on Yamibuy.com. Ha ha ha ha! I would like to share with you that this pastry is super good looking, sweet but not greasy. There are 3


Eat hot pot in a group, only have the taste of home~

In winter, inviting friends over to eat hot pot on weekends is more and more toned to me, Every time I stock up on some hometown-style hot pot bases on the Internet, Go to the supermarket to buy some green vegetables and sliced meat, and then serve with fragrant sesame sauce, You can show a few h


"One bite is full of fragrance" Zhiweiguan Jade Lotus Seed Paste and Egg Yolk Crisp, catch your heart, catch your heart

The saliva flows down drop by drop Winter days, the weather is too cold, do you want to be a hand-picker? Order takeaway and worry about unhealthy? Zhiweiguan improves the traditional baking method, the skin is more crispy, and the aftertaste is endless... Upgraded recipe for egg yolk pastry, br


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