今天也要好好吃饭!A big mouthful of meat reaps my heart 💕Losing weight is important, but as the saying goes!Eat enough to lose weighthey hey hey


Top 10 Best Instant Noodles in the World-Indonesia Ying Duo Gan Lo Noodles

Ha! Hello everyone! Today I’m going to talk about Indonesia’s Ying Duo Gan Lo Noodles, one of the top ten instant noodles in the world! I bought a pack to try it out🔽 Looks like a normal instant noodles, hehe Lets open it roughly There is a blah blah magic sauce in it Alth


Fried Chicken Delicious Ah Kuan-Red Oil Noodles

I watched food, broadcasts, and recommendations from a certain site, and I was given this red oily skin by Amway, so I was curious and bought a lot of them. The next thing is the recommendations of heroes from all walks of life. 阿宽红油面皮 This is the outer packaging🔽 What is this seasoning

I bought it with a few friends, I am still very excited 🤓First of all, let’s talk about lazy hot pot: I’m not too fond of spicy food, so I kept adding water and water, filtering and filtering. The whole thing is fine. second time feelingWangzai milk: super deliciousSauerkraut beef vermicelli: I



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