Self-service hot pot is a gift from God! ! ! Hope to restock Bashu lazy people eat all the brands or Bashu lazy people are the best


When there was no Yamibuy, I bought it from Taobao and shipped it with DHL. The shipping cost was more than 100 dollars.By the time Yami started to have snail noodles, the purchase was still limited, and the alarm clock was set to grab five packs for one grab.I have eaten with quail eggs, but the


I want to make the chili oil from the snail powder, but adding twice the chili oil every time is not enough. 😂😂As a snail noodle professional, I think that the snail is the best to eat. The main reason is that the sour bamboo shoots are sour and fragrant, the soup base is thicker, and it is the onl



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