my sky is a little grey today

Good afternoon everyone~ Californias weather is cloudy again Small steamed buns are also wrong. The risky steamed bun mother took out her treasures early in the morning to change her mood will❗️ Last time I said that Mantou is a very fashionable old beauty She kept saying that this is the F


Amway cute and practical good helper - key ring combination

Hello everyone Its my little bun again /p Its so boring these days Come up and show off my recent favorites Today I will introduce the key ring combination that is the same as the bottle opener~ The bottle opener I bought last time is highly rated in the circle of friends and everyone likes i


One giant step in becoming a woman - fragrance recommendations

Hello everyone🤗🤗🤗 The weather in California is really bad these days Its always dark and dark drizzle is the most annoying thing Small buns are about to start getting moldy😵 I went shopping yesterday after get off workShopping Mall Accidentally let Xiaomantou find the perfume destined in life


The office boosts the spirit of the magic weapon

Good afternoon everyone I wonder if you are the same as Xiaomantou I always feel very tired on Mondays I fell asleep when I touched the bed last night Today, Xiaomantou brought a magic weapon to relieve fatigue for everyone to see Look at this first JapanKAOKao Steam Moisturizing Eye Mask


Recommended items for afternoon tea lovers

Fairies Its half past one p Small Mantous most anticipated and most enjoyable afternoon tea time is coming soon❗️ Suddenly thought that I could show you off Small buns have always been the most proud of the afternoon tea items ( thief laugh Afternoon Tea Set and Christmas Tableware Set👆 Th


The second bullet of the cost-effective maintenance small thing

Hello everyone Small steamed buns this time will bring you 保养 small things🧐🧐🧐 p The first to appear is Japan Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Scar and Acne Clear Gel Cream span Women always love beauty Less scars on the body Its better if they disappear So Xiao Mantou finally fo


Mother's Day Gift Choice

Fairies 母亲节 is coming Are you 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation12882661e27145ef93e47fe0fcd3119 /p Small buns are coming to show you today Prepare a little surprise for the steamed bun for a long time Let me tell you that the steamed bun is a senior old beauty who loves traveling I usual


Check out the pearl milk tea

Hello everyone, it’s been a long time since I brought you Amway delicious food Its a dereliction of duty as a foodie Ok lets get back on track Today I would like to introduce the 珍珠奶茶 series, which is the favorite of Xiaomantou The first one is a great drink that can be easily


Great value for money maintenance

Long time no see, little fairies Small buns are coming This time, I will bring you the 保养 small things from the private collection of Xiaomantou The first thing I want to introduce is this one A must for drama girls❗️❗️ JapanROHTOROHTO LYCEEXiaohua Natural Vitamin Eye Wash /span Bles


The girl's heart-pounding graduate USB flash drive

Hello everyone, the little steamed buns are here again, please Allah Today I want to share with you this little gadget A girly Graduate USB❗️❗️❗️😍😍 This is what Xiaomantou found when he was shopping around Yami after chasing after the show and feeling that he had nothing to do. I


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