Let's have a skewer - Jindazhou Self-heating BBQ🔥

Try Jindazhous self-heating barbecue today~ I will eat this as soon as it comes out Placed an order😄 Cant wait to rub my hands~ After opening, there are three full packs of vegetable ingredients~very real Wait⌛️15 Open the lid after a few minutes~ and


Yumei Fuxiang Bobo Chicken - Spicy and Spicy

Long time no see everyone~ Try this new product today: Yumeis Fragrant Bo Bo Chicken~ Yumeijias maocai and self-heating hot pot are good, so I cant wait to try this new product as soon as it comes out~ First the outer packaging looks like this After opening, there are two


Close-up of spicy strips and spicy bean skin is recommended

Fried chicken is a must-have for those who love spicy strips! 1. First place🥇This big spicy slice is very, very delicious! (restocked) 2. Spicy Yuba I didnt expect it to be a small package design, praise! Good taste, suitable for cravings 3.


Microwave simple version light cooking hot pot 🍲 pepper fragrant and oily taste

Try the new microwave hot pot today! Open the package and take a look, there are two packets of vegetables, vermicelli, and pepper fragrant oil base The method is very simple, just add all the ingredients, add water, cover and microwave5-8You can start eating in mi


Salted egg yolk series snacks recommended~

La la la~ I like to eat 咸蛋黄 today to recommend me the bottom of the box😋 1. Taiwan Lao Yang 咸蛋黄 cookies Crispy and delicious biscuits, available in individual small packages, taste great! 2. Or a 咸蛋黄 block cake Comparatively I still prefer the above one hee hee spa


Xiabuxiabu Hot Pot Dipping Condiment Evaluation~

Hi Long time no see~ Try the new hot pot dip today———Xiabuxiabu hot pot dip~ The bag is so long hahaha Opened there were two packs of dipping sauce, one pack of sauce, one pack of soup~ Pour in the sauce first, then half of the soup and stir, then pour in the


Want Want Low Calorie Light Snacks Recommended

First a family photo 旺旺 Snow Dance Snow Cake ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟 /p Its the taste of snow cakes I ate when I was a child~childhood taste~still in the shape of snowflakes, good girl~ 旺旺 Burnt Rice House ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Its actually 旺旺 small crisps, but they are all indivi


Japanese brushed rice cakes! ! !

This Japanese brushed rice cake is really a big internet celebrity! ! Checkout without hesitation as soon as it hits shelveshhh Three flavors in total: Melon🍈flavor, strawberry 🍓Flavor, and Original Brushed ~ cheese ~ perfect match! ❕❗️❕❗️ It should be


Yashu Easy Hot and Sour Noodles - Self-heating

This 酸辣粉 has a very good review and reputation As soon as it is replenished, the order is placed immediately ~ Unpacking so many materials~ All codes are waiting⌛️15minutes~ Open the lid~ I added capers, kelp, vegetarian belly, and spinach egg drop soup


New tasting at BESTORE~

Lets take a group photo first~ Bangbang Roll Hot Flavor ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Put the first one because it tastes especially delicious! Five-star sincerely recommend! Spicy tofu rolls, not greasy~ Octopus Balls⭐️⭐️⭐️ There is indeed octopus meat in it, but its not ela


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