Yami 특선
# T恤这样穿 # # 百万积分第六季 # 🌤 This is my favorite way to dress lately. It is also my favorite pants and clothing items recently! A few days ago, the weather was very good, so I went out to take pictures! I didn't expect Yami to have this topic today, and it's completely used! ! The pants were bought on Taobao! ! If it is converted into US dollars, it is less than 15 dollars (picture 3 + 4)! The fabric is also very comfortable! The top is Tee from Supreme SS18. 👏 There is absolutely nothing wrong with the combination of top and bottom! ! If you add a belt or a waist bag, it will be even more stylish! 🗣When I went out before, I probably wore tights the most... those black leggings. Basically, I go out wearing leggings for 7 days and 6 days... I hope everyone can find a style they like, wear it comfortably, and wear it comfortably. The weather here has been quite bad recently. I wish you all the better weather in your area to go out for shopping, take pictures in the streets, take pictures, take care of yourself and don’t catch a cold! 💕💕💕
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Yami 특선 # T恤这样穿 # # 百万积分第六季 # 🌤这是我最近很喜欢的穿衣方式。也是最近最喜欢的裤子和衣服单品!前几天天气特别好就出去拍照啦!没想到今天Yami有这个话题,完全用上啦!!裤裤是在淘宝买的!!转换成美金的话还不到15刀啦(图三+四)!面料也是特别舒服的!上衣是Supreme SS18的Tee。 👏上深下浅的搭配方式绝对不出错呀!!要是再加上一个皮带或者腰包的话就更有型啦! 🗣之前出门的时候我最经常穿的可能就是紧身裤了…那种黑色打底裤。基本上7天六天都是穿打底裤出门的…希望大家能找到自己喜欢的风格,穿的舒服,穿的舒心。 最近我这里的天气都挺差的,就祝大家地区的天气好一点能出门逛逛街,街街拍,拍拍照,照顾好自己别感冒!💕💕💕