Yami 특선
# 一秒变好吃 # It's getting cold, and I want to eat something hot from time to time. I made this wonton soup with seaweed and egg drop tonight, which is simple, quick and delicious. Not many ingredients needed: chopped green onion, shredded ginger, dried shrimp, quick-frozen wonton, seaweed Seasoning: sesame oil, shiitake mushroom buns and soy sauce buns that came with Zengfen (these are the secrets to a good soup base!) Method: First fry the shallots, ginger and dried shrimps with sesame oil, then pour in some water and cook until it boils, then add the quick-frozen wontons, cook until the wontons float, then throw the pork buns and soy sauce into the pot, stir properly Add in the seaweed and cook for a while. Finally, beat in the eggs in a circular motion. Sprinkle with chopped green onion after serving! You're done!
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Yami 특선 # 一秒变好吃 # 天冷了,时不时会想吃点热腾腾的东西,今晚做的这个紫菜蛋花云吞汤,简单快手又美味。 所需食材不多:葱花、姜丝、虾米、速冻云吞、紫菜 调味:麻油、曾粉随包附的香菇肉臊包及酱油包(这两样是汤底好喝的秘诀!) 做法:先用麻油炒香葱白、姜丝及虾米,再倒入适量水煮至沸腾,然后加入速冻云吞,煮至云吞浮起来,再丢肉臊包及酱油包进锅,适当搅拌之后码入紫菜,再烧一会儿。最后,以绕圈方式打入鸡蛋即可。出锅后再撒上葱花! 大功告成啦!