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East Side Food in New York|Jell&Chill💛Hand-rubbing ice powder coordinates 📍110 E 7th St, New York, NY 10009 I flew to Chongqing last year and missed not only the hot pot but also the ice powder! Don't be too happy now that New York also has an ice cream store. Wow! The proprietress is a girl from Chengdu. This store is a domestic franchise brand. The environment in the store is not big. There are only four chairs. The wine-brewed best friend's is the signature Frosted Brown Sugar Flavour Frosted Brown Sugar. I have seen many people recommend it, but we don't particularly like it~ Probably because the taste of the wine is too heavy and directly overshadows the taste of other foods. The rose wine is quite delicious, and the light rose fragrance ice powder is smooth and delicious~ If you eat a lot of ice powder, the taste will be lighter at the bottom, and you must mix it well! A full cup is really filling, you can eat it in the store and you can continue Topping! The ice powder also has two choices of hot and cold, which is really intimate. I like it! ! The proprietress said that she highly recommends rock candy coconut and I will try it next time🌝 In summer, there will be more flavors and I am looking forward to it! ! # 纽约吃喝玩乐 # # 生活要有仪式感 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translationfc5c5a6681406485e80
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Yami 특선 纽约东城美食|Jell&Chill💛手搓冰粉 坐标 📍110 E 7th St, New York, NY 10009 去年飞了趟重庆想念的不止是火锅还有冰粉! 纽约现在也有冰粉专卖店简直不要太幸福了哇! 老板娘是位来自成都的妹子这家店是国内加盟品牌 店内环境不算大只有四张椅子刚进去的时候满座 老板娘给了我们两张椅子坐在前台就开始吃了😂 我点了一份招牌玫瑰酒酿闺蜜的是招牌翻砂红糖味 翻砂红糖看到很多人推荐但是我们没有特别喜欢~ 大概是酒酿的味偏重直接盖过了其他食物的味道。 玫瑰酒酿蛮好吃的淡淡的玫瑰清香冰粉顺滑可口~ 冰粉量很多吃到底下味道就比较淡了一定要搅匀! 满满的一杯真的很顶饱在店内吃还可以续Topping! 冰粉也有冷热两种选择这点真的很贴心我喜欢!! 老板娘说她很推荐冰糖椰蓉下次我还要去试试看🌝 到了夏天也会推出更多的口味想想都很期待呢!! # 纽约吃喝玩乐 # # 生活要有仪式感 # # 今天也是yami的一天 #