New York Food Guide 🌟|Crock Pot Seafood Outside the Riverside 🦞 ————————————————————— I have always been curious about the grilled fish outside the riverside city 🐟 is the main feature~ But they always make other staple foods even more delicious than the protagonist! 😂 The second time I went to the outside of Jiangbian City because I was attracted by "Crock Pot Seafood"~ When I accidentally saw someone else's post, I immediately rushed into the store to eat! The clerk said that "Crock Pot Seafood" has not been launched yet, but it can still be done🌝 Just be a guinea pig because the chef is still experimenting with flavors! 🙈 • Crock Pot Seafood 🦞 🌟🌟🌟🌟 This is similar to hand-catching seafood 🦞 except that the container is replaced with a crock pot: Pipi shrimp, snow crab legs, shrimp, crab, mussels, clams. The side dishes are French fries 🍟 and sticky corn 🌽 three flavors are available, spicy, spicy, Cajun chose the last flavor The overall taste is good but still a bit bland. Corn🌽I personally think it will taste better if it is replaced with sweet corn The French fries 🍟 look a bit dark 😂 but they are quite tasty and delicious. Seafood 🦞 The Pipi shrimp and crab are not very good, the taste is worse~ After all, it is completely understandable that this dish has not been officially launched. • Braised preserved egg🥚 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 If you like preserved eggs and spicy food, please order this dish! ! The store is very considerate to separate the peppers and preserved eggs~ This takes care of friends who don't like spicy food and want to try it! When eating, put a piece of pepper in the middle and a piece of preserved egg. The combination with the sauce is very delicious 😋 The salty and spicy neutralize is very good! I almost ate half of it by myself and couldn't stop hahaha! • Grilled side fish with tomato 🍅 🌟🌟🌟🌟 The first time I came here to eat grilled fish, I chose Guizhou red and sour soup~ I feel that I am a little bit on the thunder, so I have no expectations for their grilled fish 😂 This time I chose tomato flavor 🍅 The fish is very tender but not very tasty~ The sweet and sour taste is not very sweet but a bit like a tomato-like barbecue taste...? In contrast, I prefer tomato-flavored grilled fish in Mala Space 🙈 The fish in Mala Space will be more delicious the more it cooks. The taste of the riverside is still almost~ This is why I think other dishes on the riverside are better than grilled fish 😂 • Condensed milk golden buns 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Fried small steamed buns, this dish is generally delicious without stepping on thunder~ The golden golden brown of the fried small steamed buns makes people appetite! Not to mention how delicious it is when it is dipped in condensed milk 😂 It is the delicacy of the world! • Grilled Oysters with Minced Garlic 🦪 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 The grilled oysters outside the riverside city are also my must-order every time! It’s just that I didn’t take pictures this time📷 Their grilled oysters are really big! The meat is also full of flavor, not to mention delicious, it's right! # 纽约吃喝玩乐 # # 今天也是yami的一天 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translatione659e3a892c9457d9036
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纽约美食攻略🌟|江边城外之瓦罐海鲜🦞 ——————————————————— 一直很好奇江边城外明明烤鱼🐟是主打~ 却总是把其他的主食做的比主角还要好吃!😂 第二次去江边城外因为被“瓦罐海鲜”所吸引~ 无意间看到别人发的就立马冲进店里吃啦! 店员说“瓦罐海鲜”还没推出不过还是可以做🌝 因为大厨还在尝试味道就当一回小白鼠吧!🙈 • 瓦罐海鲜 🦞 🌟🌟🌟🌟 这个就类似手抓海鲜🦞只不过容器换成了瓦罐 皮皮虾、雪蟹脚、虾、螃蟹、青口、蛤蜊。 里面的配菜是炸薯条🍟和糯玉米🌽三种味道可选 香辣、麻辣、Cajun选了最后一种口味 总的味道还是不错不过还是偏淡了一丢丢。 玉米🌽个人认为如果换成甜玉米味道会更好些 炸薯条🍟看着有点暗黑😂不过也蛮入味是好吃的。 海鲜🦞的皮皮虾和螃蟹不是很好口感比较差一些~ 毕竟也这道菜还没正式推出也是完全可以理解的。 • 烧椒皮蛋🥚 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 喜欢皮蛋又爱吃辣这道菜请你们一定要点!! 店家还是很贴心的把辣椒和皮蛋分开摆放了~ 这一点照顾到了不会吃辣又想尝试的朋友! 吃的时候夹一块中间的辣椒和一块皮蛋一起入口。 加上酱汁的搭配非常的好吃😋咸香辣中和的很好! 差不多我一个人就吃掉了半份真的停不下来哈哈哈! • 番茄烤侧鱼🍅 🌟🌟🌟🌟 第一次来这里吃烤鱼选了贵州红酸汤~ 觉得有点踩雷就对他们家的烤鱼没啥期待了😂 这次选了番茄味🍅鱼肉很嫩但不是很入味~ 甜酸味不是很足却有点像番茄味的烧烤味…? 相比较之下我更喜欢麻辣空间的番茄味烤鱼🙈 麻辣空间的鱼会越煮越入味江边的味道还是差点~ 这就是我觉得江边的其他菜品好吃过烤鱼的原因😂 • 炼乳黄金小馒头 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 炸小馒头这道菜一般都不会踩雷很好吃~ 小馒头炸的金黄金黄看着就让人食欲大开! 沾上炼乳别提多好吃了😂它就是人间美味呀! • 蒜茸烤生蚝🦪 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 江边城外的烤生蚝也是我每次都必点的! 只是这次没有拍照📷他们家烤生蚝真的很大颗! 肉质也很饱满味道更不用说啦好吃点它没错! # 纽约吃喝玩乐 # # 今天也是yami的一天 # # 生活要有仪式感 #