Yami 특선
# 2020亚米惊喜瞬间 # Vitality Forest has been very popular during this period of time. It is said to be a soda drink that can also be used to lose weight. I saw a lot of people post it before. I bought two bottles to try it out. There are two people in the family who have been drinking soda for a long time. I will control them not to drink more. When they found this 0⃣️calorie, 0⃣️ sugar, they really drank it boldly in front of me, and kept saying that they would not be allowed to drink it before. I drink it because I feel that it contains too much sugar and is unhealthy. Now that it is sugar-free and has no calories, I can drink it boldly... 😅😅 Their favorite is this peach flavor. I am not a soda drinker, and I am a little curious about vitality. I took a sip and tried it. It is really delicious. The peach flavor is quite strong, sweet and bubbly. The energy is enough, no wonder they like it, at least its 0⃣️ sugar and 0⃣️ calories can also make you drink healthier, drink it... People who like to drink soft drinks can really try it. Drinking it is better than drinking the usual soft drinks. I haven't tried other flavors. You can see everyone's comments in the post!
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Yami 특선 # 2020亚米惊喜瞬间 # 元气森林这段时间很火的一款说是减肥也可以喝的汽水,之前看见很多人发,买了两瓶尝尝鲜,买了两瓶之后家里开始都是一箱箱的备着了😂 家里有两个长期都要喝汽水的人,我会控制不让他们多喝,当他们发现这款0⃣️卡路里,0⃣️糖,真的是在我面前大胆的喝起来了,一直说之前不让他们喝是因为觉得太多糖分和不健康,现在好了这款无糖还无卡路里,可以大胆的喝了………😅😅 他们最爱的就是这款桃子味,我是不喝汽水的人,对元气也有点好奇,喝了一口尝尝鲜,它确实挺好喝的的,桃子味挺浓的,香香甜甜的,气泡的那个劲也够,怪不得他们会喜欢,至少它的0⃣️糖和0⃣️卡路里也可以让你们喝的健康一点,喝吧喝吧…… 喜欢喝汽水类饮料的人倒是真的可以试试它,喝它总比喝平常的那些汽水好吧,其他口味我是没试过了,可以看看晒区大家的评论!