Yami 특선

Another box of food and drink


      Good luck this time, everything you want to buy is in stock, hurry up and buy it! ~

      The peach oolong flavor of Guoyu Tea has been repurchased countless times. Rose Snow Mei Niang flower cake is sweeter than ordinary flower cake because of Xue Mei Niang in it, very good Eat, of course, the calories are a little higher (180 calories each). The big spicy skewers are amazing, but I am a person who can't eat spicy food. Although it has a sweet taste in it, it is still a bit spicy for me, but it is delicious. It's really hard to stop eating, and I will continue to repurchase when I place an order. Hawthorn lollipops are on the verge of thunder, not to mention a little hawthorn flavor, each has 70 calories, and the pear cream flavor has not been opened yet, I hope it tastes better than hawthorn and I will be satisfied.

     This time, many are new things to try, such as hand-cranked fruit tea, Lay's potato chips, popped berry heart balls, too soft bread, etc. I hope the rest will not disappoint me. ! ! ~

     I feel that the epidemic is getting worse and worse, and more and more people around me have been diagnosed, and I am not in a good mood every day. I hope the epidemic will pass soon, and I will be as carefree as before. Go shopping, buy things, and have fun. come on! ~

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Yami 특선