Yami 특선
Today's office workers, in order to be able to sleep a few more minutes, have to give up the time to eat breakfast, and lotus root powder is now many people find a quick way to solve the problem of breakfast. It's very convenient to eat. You just need to brew it with hot water, and you can eat it directly. Li Ziqi dug lotus root to make "lotus root powder", which is clean and nutritious without adding. Lotus root powder of sweet scented osmanthus nuts also contains many nuts, such as raisins, medlar, purple potato, cashew nuts, dried sweet scented osmanthus, etc. First use a small amount of cold water to mix lotus root powder evenly, then use boiling water to brew, stir until transparent. The lotus root powder after soaking has a light fragrance of sweet scented osmanthus, which makes people want to have a taste. After a taste, the taste is delicate and smooth, with crisp nuts and sweet and sour dried fruits. It's really delicious. It's worth a try! # Happy order Happy life! # # 亚米断货王 #