Yami 특선
# 亚米返校季 # I bought this spicy duck paw at Chunwei, and I really like the design of this small package. It is a good idea to buy this exquisite small package and try it first if I don’t know if it tastes good or not. Exquisite small packaging vacuum compression bags are of good quality, and have a thickness to avoid light. It feels easier to maintain quality than the large packaging with transparent thin pockets. Chunwei Spicy Duck Feet 56g This package is relatively small, so the price is much cheaper than the large package, but there are only two duck feet in it, which is proportional to the price. After I receive it, I freeze it and store it for a longer period of time, so I don’t have to eat the whole box of pure products right away. So I steamed these two duck feet together with the dumplings I bought from Yamibuy.com for 30 minutes, and the gelatin was steamed out. It was very good! After steaming for 30 minutes, it becomes softer and more glutinous. The feeling of gnawing on the duck's feet is very enjoyable, but the meat is not thick enough, and the taste is still unfinished. It is worth noting that this spicy duck foot is really too spicy! The spiciness has reached my limit, and I can't eat anything spicier than this. I'm not particularly good at spiciness. Rate the spiciness: 9/10 It is suggested that Chunwei can make some slightly spicy flavors, so as to meet the needs of more people.
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Yami 특선 # 亚米返校季 # 在纯味买了这款麻辣鸭掌,很喜欢这种小包装设计,在不知道好不好吃的情况下,先买这种精致小包装尝试是个好办法。精致小包装真空压缩袋子质量不错,避光有厚度,感觉比那种透明薄口袋的大包装更易保质。 纯味 麻辣鸭爪 56g 这一包比较小,所以价格比大包装便宜多了,但是里面只有两个鸭掌,算是和价格成正比吧。 我收到货以后冷冻保存,可以存放较长时间,这样就不必马上把那一箱纯味产品全部吃完。所以我就把这两只鸭掌和亚米网买的粽子一起上锅蒸了30分钟,胶质都蒸出来了,很不错! 蒸了30分钟,就更软糯啦,啃鸭掌的感觉很过瘾,但是肉不够肥厚,意犹未尽。 值得注意的是:这个麻辣鸭掌真的太辣啦!辣度已经到了我的极限,不能吃比这更辣的了,我本身吃辣不是特别厉害。 给辣度打分:9/10 建议纯味能不能做一些微辣口味的呀,这样能满足更多人的需求。