Yami 특선
# 今日妆容不值钱 # I also want to challenge Yami $15 for a day today. But my theme is today's makeup... My daily makeup is actually not heavy. It's not very complicated. All the cosmetics selected today are from Yamibuy.com. The first is to use Japan's ASTALIFT Sunscreen Beauty Serum SPF50+ PA++++ as a primer for sunscreen isolation And skin brightening, etc. I use it as a makeup primer. (This one is 37. The number of times of use is conservative for one month. 37➗31=1.2) After it is completely absorbed, I will apply it on the An Nai Gold Bottle. (An Nai It can be used for a month. 30➗31=0.97) Then there is my favorite ipsa three-color concealer disc. No matter acne marks or spots, it can be covered and faded. (I use concealers, these basically will not be completely iron. It's all because it expires after one year before replacing it with a new one. 45➗365=0.12) The last is BBcream. Today, I choose JM Solution from Korea. Some forgot. It should be below 30. 30➗31=0.97) After the primer is finished, it's thrush. I really can't do without Kate's three-color eyebrow powder. It works well. There are two colors to choose from. I bought Ex-5. The color is darker. Many photo studios. Make-up artist's must-have designated items. (Although they are used every day. They can be used for expired products. ✌️14➗365=0.03) Then in order to make the brows have a natural sense of roots. I will use Fujiko Brush a few times with the eyebrow cream brush. (16➗31=0.04) Finally, there is the Japanese BCL Browlash EX eyebrow lasting setting liquid. It is like an eyebrow raincoat. After applying it, I am not afraid to wipe it off. Sun exposure is all right. (15➗365=0.04) The eye shadow I chose is my recent favorite. Korea 3CE nine-color palette. Really every color can be used. There are matte ones. There are also bright powders. Super everyday orange. 0.09) As for eyeliner and mascara, I use KissMe's house. The single product I recommend for my life. Especially eyeliner. It dries as soon as I apply it on my eyes. No need to wait. The tip of the nose is thin. It is 2-3 months to replace. Because it has been used for a long time, the effect will be different from the original one. Eyeliner 10➗60=0.16 mascara 12➗60=0.2) The last step is to use Canmake's nose shadow repair powder to make a three-dimensional Come on. (10➗365=0.03) In this way, my makeup today will not exceed $5. Hahahaha. It's really worthless makeup! # 挑战$100过一周 #
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Yami 특선 # 今日妆容不值钱 # 我今天也想挑战一下亚米$15过一天. 不过我的主题是今日妆容…我日常的妆容其实不算浓.没有很复杂.今天的挑选的化妆品全部都来自亚米网. 首先是打底防晒隔离用的是日本的ASTALIFT艾诗缇防晒美容液SPF50+ PA++++ 这支是升级版.效果可维持12小时之久.主要功效除了防晒.抗紫外线.还有抗光老化.润色隔离和养肤提亮等.我就是当作妆前乳使用的.(这支37.保守使用次数一个月.37➗31=1.2)待完全吸收后会在涂一下安耐晒金瓶.(安耐晒也算使用一个月吧.30➗31=0.97)接着就是我最爱的ipsa三色遮瑕盘.不管痘印还是斑点.都能遮淡掉.(我用遮瑕膏这些基本不会完全铁皮.都是因为一年后过期才换新的.45➗365=0.12)最后就是BBcream.今天选的是韩国JM Solution.这支很适合我们亚洲肤色.可惜亚米好像下架了.可惜.(价格有的忘记了.应该在30以下.30➗31=0.97) 打底完成以后就是画眉啦.我画眉真的离不开Kate的三色眉粉.好好用.有两色可选.我买的是Ex-5.颜色比较深点的.也是网红款.很多影楼.化妆师的必备指定单品哦.(也是虽然天天用.都是可以用到过期的产品.✌️14➗365=0.03)然后为了让眉头有一根根的自然感.我会用Fujiko的眉膏笔刷几下.(16➗31=0.04)最后就是日本BCL Browlash EX眉毛持久定型液.就好像眉毛雨衣.涂了它.就不怕擦掉.蹭掉啦.眉毛一天下来就算风吹日晒都妥妥的.(15➗365=0.04) 眼影我选的是近期的最爱.韩国3CE九色盘.真的每个颜色都能用得到.有哑光系.也有亮粉.超日常的橘.好喜欢.(这盘34➗365=0.09)至于眼线笔和睫毛膏都是用KissMe家的.一生推的单品.特别是眼线笔.上眼一涂就干.无需等待.鼻尖细细的.超上手.(这些产品我基本都是2-3个月换新.因为用久了.效果和最初会不一样.眼线笔10➗60=0.16 睫毛膏12➗60=0.2)最后的最后就是用Canmake的鼻影修容粉来立体一下啦.(10➗365=0.03) 这样算下来.我今日妆容都不超过$5啊..哈哈哈哈.真的是不值钱的妆容!# 挑战$100过一周 #