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The practice of lazy spicy meat sauce, the noodles are super delicious

Today I will teach you how to make lazy meat sauce, fried chicken is delicious! I used the bean paste and knife-cut noodles that Yami bought.

First prepare pork stuffing400g, bean paste4small spoons, garlic5 cloves, Ginger1block, sesame oil4Tbsp, and sauce (this sauce is made with 150ml water and three tablespoons of soy sauce completed)

Crush the garlic and ginger, mince with a knife without this tool

Turn on low heat, pour sesame oil into the pot, add ginger and garlic and fry until fragrant

Fry until fragrant, pour in the minced meat and stir fry evenly

After the meat is discolored, pour in the bean paste and sauce, and turn to medium heat

Stir evenly, collect the juice, and when there is only oil left in the pot, it is done

Done! ! ! ! Red is very appetizing

Cook the noodles for 10 minutes, pick them up and put them in a bowl, put them on a plate, put a little chopped green onion, and you're done. Because this meat sauce is salty, it can be kept for many days. I usually cook it. Just put some meat sauce on the noodles, isn't it very convenient! ! ! !

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Yami 특선