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Goods to post! The world of beauty and foodies!

The order placed last Saturday finally arrived today! Every time I open the box, I am very excited. This time I bought all kinds of skin care products and all kinds of food, which are indispensable.......

First of all, praise Yami's packaging, every time you open the box, there are these bubbles to prevent damage to the product....

All the products are taken out and a group photo will be taken!

UnnyMakeup remover and Coix seed lotion are both first-time purchases. Every time I buy skin care products, I have to do a lot of themresearch, after all, it is used on the face, hee hee...< /span>

JM solutionand Hair Point Revolution are also the first purchases,JM solution Pearl Trilogy has only3.5 on Yami's rating, but Xiaohongshu has a good rating Alright, let me find out! The peach blossom mask is a repurchase type, and the stickiness and moisturizing effect are very good. There are also two peach petals in it, which is quite novel! The hair hole revolution is purely for the large pores that are annoying to me, and I want to compare the effect of the rice mask and this mask!

It's been a long time since I heard the name of seaweed mask! $16there is10She has a mask, and the price of this cabbage is not distressing, hahaha...Looking forward to its moisturizing effect!

Aloe vera gel is really highly recommended! It doesn't feel sticky when applied, and the moisturizing effect is particularly good! Especially when the air conditioner is turned on in the book all day, the skin is super dry, and it is very itchy! The aloe vera gel immediately relieved the condition as soon as it was swiped, and it works all over the body! And I consume it very fast, I used one bottle for half a month, so I bought two bottles this time. !

Small pot friends in the south said that they have never eaten fried noodles! I often watch Korean variety shows, and it is a must-have for artists, so I bought it and tried to make it myself! (Any friend who likes fried noodles recommends a recipe?) I really like the packaging of sweet noodle sauce, just put it in the refrigerator after opening!

Small pot friends in the south also like to eat noodles! I accidentally saw that there are microwave versions of udon noodles, so I bought two packs without saying a word, and let the cooking version and the simple and convenient version come.PKLet's go

Crispy meat, bean curd skin, red bean paste, mustard greens, boss dishes, pasta sauce, these are all for later use! You can look forward to it...(I personally like to add mustard or boss dishes to white porridge very much😉)

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JM solution和毛穴革命也是初次购买,JM solution珍珠三部曲在亚米评价上只有3.5,但是小红书评价蛮不错的,我就来探个究竟吧!桃花面膜是回购款,贴服度和保湿补水效果都很不错,里面还有两片桃花瓣也是蛮新奇的!毛穴革命纯粹是为了我那一看就烦的粗大毛孔,想要比较一下大米面膜和这个面膜的效果!


芦荟胶真的是极力推荐!涂上去也不会觉得黏,保湿效果特别好!尤其是整天在书内开着空调,皮肤超级干的,而且还特别痒!芦荟胶一抹上去就立刻缓解了这种情况,而且还适用于全身! 而且我消耗速度极快,大半个月就用了一瓶,于是这次一买就买了两瓶!